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Submitting News to SurgeZirc UK

Give us a hint of any story that you think should be published on the SurgeZirc UK platform, and we’ll research for confirmation and publish it to our worldwide readers no matter who’s involved in the story.

We can’t be everywhere at the same time, yet we want to say everything possible and necessary – help us say that which others may not want to say. So we can together combat bias news and restore reporting without fear nor trembling.

Together we can expose racism, hate, political lies and fraud, rape, killing, abuse against woman, intimidation, injustice and other social vices.

To send a news/article to us, kindly forward your story with a matching picture to

As you send, do not forget to specify whether or not you want your identity to be published along with your story as the developer.

Note: any news sent to the SurgeZirc UK team may be published or republished on any of the SurgeZirc global platforms, see our Terms and Condition to learn more.