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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Embrace Anime Style For Halloween In LA

MGK even shared a short video clip on his Instagram Stories, featuring spooky-themed music from Death Note as the soundtrack.

Halloween is the perfect time for celebrities to showcase their creativity and transform into their favorite characters.

And this year, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly took their costumes to a whole new level by channelling anime characters for a Halloween party in Los Angeles.

The couple, known for their bold and unconventional style, attended a star-studded event in West Hollywood dressed as characters from the popular anime series Death Note. Megan, the 37-year-old poetry author, played up the look of a red apple, symbolizing the forbidden fruit, while MGK portrayed the character Ryuk.

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MGK, born Colson Baker, fully embraced his character’s dark and edgy aesthetic. He wore an all-black outfit consisting of a fitted, long-sleeved shirt, combat boots, and a brown leather belt.

Feathers in ornate green and black adorned his shoulders, adding an extra touch of drama. His normally platinum blonde hair was replaced by a spikey raven wig, and his face was painted white with yellow and black details, giving him an eerie appearance.

Megan, on the other hand, showcased her signature style with a twist. Her bright fire-engine-red bob was styled in two small space buns set at the top of her head, while the rest of her locks flowed freely.

She wore a button-up white shirt with a red tie and a beige blazer, putting her own spin on the classic schoolgirl look. A plaid grey and beige mini skirt showed off her toned legs, and knee-high white socks with a red apple pattern added a playful touch.

Megan completed her outfit with rouge patent leather Mary Jane platform shoes, bold red lipstick, and glossy red nails.

The couple’s attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed. Megan carried a small black notebook that read ‘Death Note,’ making it clear to fans and fellow party-goers what their costumes were based on.

MGK even shared a short video clip on his Instagram Stories, featuring spooky-themed music from Death Note as the soundtrack

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It’s no surprise that Megan and MGK went all out for Halloween. The couple has been known for their fearless fashion choices and their love for cosplay. In fact, MGK captioned one of his Instagram posts from the party with the words, ‘We cosplay in this house.’

As Halloween continues to be a favourite holiday for celebrities to showcase their creativity, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have once again proven that they are not afraid to push boundaries and embrace their inner anime characters.

Their attention to detail and commitment to their costumes make them stand out in a sea of Halloween party-goers. It’s safe to say that their anime-inspired looks will be remembered for years to come.

Avery Walker for SurgeZirc UK
Avery Walker for SurgeZirc UK
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