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Keke Palmer Opens Up; Says She Doesn’t Want to Set ‘Unrealistic’ Body Standards

For Keke, investing in her health and body is not just a personal choice but an essential part of her career as a multi-talented entertainer.

Keke Palmer candidly discusses her commitment to investing in her health and physique on the latest episode of her podcast series, “Baby, This Is Keke Palmer.”

The 29-year-old host shared her motivation for staying fit during a conversation with celebrity trainer Corey Calliet, highlighting how it plays a vital role in her career.

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“It’s not just about setting unrealistic standards; it’s my job,” Keke revealed. She acknowledges the privilege of being able to afford a personal trainer, meal prep, and other wellness resources, recognizing that maintaining her appearance is an essential aspect of her chosen career path.

Keke Palmer - SurgeZirc UK
Keke Palmer. Photo – Twitter

Emphasizing that her fitness journey is a personal choice, Keke ensures she doesn’t pressure her fans or the public to follow her exact path. Instead, she encourages everyone to find their own unique journey towards health and wellness, without feeling the need to conform to Hollywood’s standards.

Following the birth of her baby boy, Leodis “Leo” Andrellton, in February, Keke had to adapt her focus and approach to fitness. She discovered that her fear of gaining weight became a source of strength during weight training and workouts.

Keke Palmer had opened up about her experiences as a new mother and the adjustments she had to make. She shared advice for fellow moms, urging them to do what makes them feel good and not to compare themselves to others.

Addressing the topic of “bouncing back” after childbirth, Keke highlighted the dedication required to achieve personal goals.

Darius and Keke Palmer's Baby - SurgeZirc
Darius Jackson And Keke Palmer Welcomed Son In February

She acknowledged that the pressure to “snap back” is often part of the entertainment industry’s demands, but it doesn’t mean it’s solely for vanity. For celebrities, looking good and maintaining a certain appearance is essential for their careers, and it goes beyond personal desires.

Despite her current ability to balance a thriving career and motherhood, Keke admits that it wasn’t always easy. After giving birth, she initially felt overwhelmed and wanted to take a break, but she eventually found her pace and embraced the changes in her life.

Keke urges fans not to view a celebrity’s post-pregnancy “snap back” as an unrealistic standard but rather as part of their professional obligations. She clarifies that celebrities need to maintain a certain image for their job, emphasizing that it’s a requirement to secure their positions in the industry.

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In summary, Keke Palmer openly shares her fitness journey, acknowledging the privileges she has and encouraging others to pursue their unique paths to health and wellness. As a new mother, she embraces the changes in her body and urges fans to do what makes them feel good without comparing themselves to celebrities’ appearances.

For Keke, investing in her health and body is not just a personal choice but an essential part of her career as a multi-talented entertainer.

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