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World Governments Pledge Billions For Vaccine Hunt

Due to world governments` contributions, a contact-tracing app has been developed and NHS began its first trial today on the Isle of Wight.

Due to world governments’ contributions, a contact-tracing app has been developed and NHS began its first trial today on the Isle of Wight.

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The drive comes after governments including the UK, France, Japan and Canada pledge £6.5bn towards the hunt for a Covid-19 vaccine and treatment. Ministers have said that the app will save lives and help Britain out of lockdown.

The app was designed to track the spread of the coronavirus with the aim of rolling it out across the UK within weeks as the Government seeks to shape a strategy to allow some economic activity to resume.

The number of people in the UK dying after testing positive for Covid-19 rose by 288  on Sunday, the lowest day-on-day increase since the end of March although ministers warned it may reflect a lag in reporting over the weekend. Governments will now have to ensure that any inoculation will be freely available for everyone.

Matt Hancock the Health Secretary urged healthcare and council workers who are able to download the contact tracing app which will be available to them from Tuesday. The rest of the island`s population were also invited to follow on Thursday.

According to the Health Secretary the “test, track and trace” program will allow the Government to take a “more targeted approach” to the lockdown while still containing the disease.

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Introduction and use of the NHS new coronavirus tracing app might have “unintended consequences” according to the head of the unit developing it, Lizzie Deard.  App users will have to be careful when using the app and developers might have to upgrade the app.

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