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UK`s Court Intervention Saves “The Beatles” From A Death Penalty

A letter has been written by the US to reassure the Home Secretary of the UK that two British ISIS fighters will not face the death penalty.

A letter has been written by the US to reassure the Home Secretary of the UK that two British ISIS fighters will not face the death penalty.

The two Islamic State suspects, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee had been accused of being the last two members of an IS cell dubbed “The Beatles” because of their UK accents.

Following the UK court`s intervention, Islamic state suspects will not face a death penalty if they are convicted of the killings of Western hostages in Iraq and Syria. In the letter to Priti Patel, Attorney General, William Barr informed her that the two will be extradited to America to face trial.

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Mr Barr wrote: “On behalf of the United States Department of Justice, I am writing to provide an assurance that, if the United Kingdom grants our mutual legal assistance request the United States will not seek the death penalty in any prosecutions it might bring against Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh, and, if imposed, the death penalty will not be carried out.

“I know that the United Kingdom shares our determination that there should be a full investigation and a criminal prosecution of Kotey and Elsheikh.

“These men are alleged to be members of the terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham and to have been involved in kidnappings, murders, and other violent crimes against the citizens of our two countries, as well as the citizens of other countries.


“If we receive the requested evidence and attendant cooperation from the United Kingdom, we intend to proceed with a United States prosecution. Indeed, it is these unique circumstances that have led me to provide the assurance offered in this letter.”

In a statement, the Home Office spokesperson stated that the UK will “continue to work closely with international partners to ensure that those who have committed crimes in the name of Daesh are brought to justice”.

According to reports, the pair has been part of an IS kidnap gang responsible for the killings of several Western hostages, including American journalists and British aid workers, in Iraq and Syria in 2014.

The UK clearly stated that if the two were sent to the controversial US military prison Guantanamo Bay – where suspects have been detained without trial – the UK would withhold intelligence.

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