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Why Boris Johnson Never Wanted To Speak Too Seriously On Coronavirus

It appears Mr Johnson is still sticking so firmly to his belief in the experts, more reason he said, “Perhaps I’ll ask Patrick and Chris."

UK PM Boris Johnson is more serious this time, even his admirers would admit those are not the words he’s known for. But in his newest Downing Street discuss on coronavirus, Mr Johnson had to be all three and he certainly was.

“I must level with you, level with the British public, many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time,” Boris John said.

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Those could be the most dramatic and understated words Mr Johnson has had to use in his entire political career so far. Granted, families listening to those words would have quickly thought of their elderly relatives and friends.

Since the coronavirus outbreak hit Britain, Mr Johnson’s message could say to be stark as he most times claimed it was just another form of flu, he rammed home that thanks to a lack of immunity, this disease is “more dangerous” in its spread and we should be braced for “the worst public health crisis for a generation”.

The UK’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance has revealed his own estimated figure of how many British citizens that are already infected with the coronavirus. The figure was most shocking than anything else as most people are beginning to feel that the virus may possibly get to everyone with time. Sir Vallance revealed that there’s up to 10,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK.

It’s obvious that the number of people who will be infected with this virus will be too much as we’re yet to get to the peak of the time. Just recently, Mr Vallance provided a handy graph – two graphs, in fact, one with delay, one without delay, to illustrate how they hope the UK strategy will flatten the number of people who contact coronavirus. Everyone who thought this was some sort of a movie episode must wake up to the reality of the deadly disease.

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However, the trending new advice to stay at home for seven days even if one shows mild symptoms which is a persistent dry cough and raised temperature is expected to reduce the peak by 25%. Then isolating one’s whole household in self-isolation should provide another 25% reduction. The target should be to delay the peak and we could halve the numbers who get the virus.

Mr Vallance pointed out that the plan should bring a 30% reduction in the death rate as well. Then, we don’t know why he didn’t spell that out clearly, by stating that the government’s ‘delay’ plan could possibly save thousands of lives?

However, one of the major challenges in following the saving plan would be to convince people that stay at home with mild symptoms. Moreover, stressing “for the first time” that such people “can spread this to a lot of people” was most important than saying anything else.

It’s also important to note that self-isolation is not some kind of jolly holiday. “This is going to be miserable,” as one inside expert rightly puts it. Another list of requirements to avoid getting the virus shows why sleeping alone and keeping up to 3m apart from others in your home is necessary.‌

Instead of politicians being effective, the scientists are as they set out why banning football games would have a negligible effect, why closing schools would hit the NHS and why stopping flights from China early on would have delayed the arrival of the virus by just one day. They also revealed why behavioural cases for not going too early with some measures like: “the public are proven too tired of restrictions and could make it worse later.”

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It appears Mr Johnson is still sticking so firmly to his belief in the experts, more reason he said, “Perhaps I’ll ask Patrick and Chris.” And “I’ll pass that one to the chief medical adviser and Patrick”, he repeated. Speaking about the hat-shaped graphs nearby, he said he wanted to “squash that sombrero”. We should be grateful overall however that is more sombre than sombrero.

Now we all know! The message to the Britons is made even stronger because Mr Johnson is usually seen as a clown; someone who tries to cheer us all up all the time. So, if he is taking the coronavirus issue serious, then the rest of us should even be more serious about it now than ever.

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