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British PM Boris Johnson Enters Third Day In Intensive Care Unit

"He stayed at work for you... now pray at home for him," The Sun tabloid splashed across its front page. "Boris 'will pull through'" said the Daily Express.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson doing the third day in the intensive care unit on Wednesday battling the COVID-19, which struck the British government, infecting more than 55,000 people across the country and claim almost 6,200 lives.

“I understand the prime minister is in a stable condition, he’s comfortable and in good spirits,” Edward Argar, a junior health minister, told Sky News.

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“He has in the past had some oxygen but he’s not on ventilation.”

The Times report says that Boris Johnson’s persistently high temperature had fallen, while the Daily Telegraph said he was being cared for by one of Britain’s leading lung doctors.

Most UK publications and Twitter advised Britons to keep praying for their leader while the country continues in lockdown to try to control the spread of coronavirus in its third week.

“He stayed at work for you… now pray at home for him,” The Sun tabloid splashed across its front page. “Boris ‘will pull through'” said the Daily Express.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab whom Mr Johnson asked to deputise for him called him “a fighter” and predicted, “he’ll be back, leading us through this crisis in short order”.

The UK leader, Boris Johnson, 55, is the most high-profile government official to become infected with COVID-19 and messages of support flooded in from across Britain and the world at large with U.S. President Donald Trump offering assistance.

Mr Johnson was moved to intensive care on Monday evening after spending Sunday night in hospital following unresponding breathing condition and high temperature 10 days after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

British PM Boris Johnson Enters Third Day In Intensive Care Unit - SurgeZirc UK
Profile of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson / Photo credit: AFP

His transfer to intensive care is unprecedented for a prime minister during a national emergency.

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Mr Michael Gove during a BBC discussion said Mr Johnson’s case shows how serious the disease which has so far killed 6,159 in Britain is to be taken.

Despite the record daily death toll, there was more encouraging news with the number of new daily cases remaining at a roughly stable 3,643.

Raab who has been criticized for having only one year experience in public office matters chaired the daily coronavirus meeting in the prime minister’s place on Tuesday.

He later insisted it was still too soon to say whether the stringent social distancing measures introduced on March 23 for an initial three-week period would be eased at all.

Alice Campbell for SurgeZirc UK
Alice Campbell for SurgeZirc UK
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