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The National Shutdown Has Been Good For Our Environment

Life, as we know, has changed since the national shutdown, so has our environment. This is mostly good news for the environment though. Pictures of the clear water routes in Venice have been circulating social media.

Scientists have been able to spot jellyfish and other sea life swimming in the waters. Noise pollution is another phenomenon that has lessened since humans have retreated into their homes.

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The lack of traffic, aeroplanes and other human activities has left most places covered in silence. Scientists say that this has allowed their sensors to pick up even the smaller tremors that may have been covered up by our noise.

Thailand beaches were also reported to be packed by leatherback turtles. Replacing what would have been a hoard of human tourists filling up space.

Animals are starting to roam more freely looking for food. The lack of humans means that some animals have to be more daring in finding food.

There has also been reported improvement in the air. With China reporting a 25% decrease in nitrogen dioxide immission since the shutdown after the Chinese New Year.

I am listing all of this to paint a picture that we have clearly been missing. That our actions play a vital role in our environment.

We may be living our lives and trying to make a living. But human interest seems to really override every other creatures’ in this reality we have chosen.

What is worse is that this reality is not even that great. We may be reaching the point of flying cars and virtual reality, but most of us are depressed. Our jobs do not satisfy us, we do not feel safe most of the time. We do not even know what goes into our food.

We seem to think it is okay to fight over our own differences. Yet we thought that this was it. That is how the world is. It is shocking how this virus has put a hold on all that in a heartbeat.

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Yet the sun still rises and falls. We are still breathing. Life is, in fact, thriving beyond all the clutter that we deemed important to human life.

So reflecting on the past Earth day. The COVID19 shutdown has brought to light more than just the fragility of life.

This must serve as a call to consider the choices we make as humans. We clearly are more than this damage that we are causing on earth.

Alice Campbell for SurgeZirc UK
Alice Campbell for SurgeZirc UK
Alice Campbell is a highly skilled and experienced royal writer, currently working with SurgeZirc UK. With a passion for journalism and a keen interest in the royal family, Alice has established herself as a prominent figure in the field.


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