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The Age Of The Internet Connects Us As It Isolates Us

So we wear and toss aside much too quick. Pressing a "like" or "love" button has replaced what would have been a verbal "oh I love your outfit" or "you look really good today". Under lockdown we have turned more to social media than ever before.

The internet age ensures that we stay connected during isolation. Yet the internet age also ensures that connections are in isolation.

The internet is certainly a catalyst for so many drastic changes to the way that we communicate. All of a sudden one does not need  to be in Hollywood to be in the know of everything that happens on the ground.

Celebrity lives are a fingertip away from us, and more than this you can follow people from all over the world. A new opportunity lingered for businesses who took full advantage of this new digital world.

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Then came the rise of the influencer culture which really put a face over advertising. Now people can influence other people to buy products. A step further is reading individual and collective online behavior to tailor users’ timelines according to their preferences. So the ads you get, are targeted at what you like.

According to the Huffington Uk Instagram culture has had a significant contribution to global waste. It has become a lot easier for brands to speak to more people at the same time. With targeted ads it also means that the brands actually get exposed to the people who will be interested in them. Global consumption has gone up, but with conversations changing the rate at which something is “in” fades quicker.

So we wear and toss aside much too quick. Pressing a “like” or “love” button has replaced what would have been a verbal “oh I love your outfit” or “you look really good today”. Under lockdown we have turned more to social media than ever before.

Video calls and video meetings are in, and face to face meetings are out. These leave so much out for interpretation because a lot of the que’s that we pick up from hand gestures to posture are lost. Not to mention the interruptions of people talking over each other due to the video feedback delay.

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The covid19 shutdown has been instrumental in isolating most of our human communication anyway. We might never fully recover from the changes that it brought.

What one can only hope above the negative feedback is that we use the internet to the best interest of everyone, the planet included. Keep in mind that it caters to your desires, and that this is not always a good thing. While at home for your safety, do browse safely. 

Alice Campbell for SurgeZirc UK
Alice Campbell for SurgeZirc UK
Alice Campbell is a highly skilled and experienced royal writer, currently working with SurgeZirc UK. With a passion for journalism and a keen interest in the royal family, Alice has established herself as a prominent figure in the field.


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