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The Best Touchscreen Winter Gloves You Can Consider

Regular gloves don't work with the capacitive screens on phones and smartwatches, so if you want to use your device when it's cold out, you'll need to either take off a glove or

The best touchscreen winter gloves are ones that can differentiate between “texting” and “textjngZ.” And after testing 20 more pairs this year, we think the newly redesigned Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves are some of the best we’ve seen of the 80 we’ve tried overall. They’re warm enough, accurate, and can fit a wide range of hand sizes.

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Although no pair of touchscreen winter gloves is going to keep your hands perfectly warm or let you type as well as you would with bare fingers, the Moshi Digits were warmer, fit better, and were more accurate in typing tests than the competition. If you want a good pair of touchscreen liner gloves instead, we have a pick for that.

If you want a thinner glove for fall weather or prefer the classic look of leather, we also have picks for those. Do keep in mind, though, that ultimately it may be easier to use voice commands and audio messages, rather than trying to type in even the best of these gloves.

The snug fit of the Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves‘s knit design makes typing easier, and the microfleece lining is soft, cozy, and warmer than some of the other gloves we tested. Sure, while you wear them you won’t be able to properly compose a tweetstorm about how hot Timothée Chalamet looks in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, but you should be able to easily text your friends that you’ll meet them “inside the movie theater in 10.”

We also found that the Moshi Digits dry faster and have a better grip than other knit gloves. The company recently redesigned the glove to lengthen the older version’s frustratingly short fingers and fit a wider variety of hand sizes. Because the Moshi winter gloves have a simpler and more elastic fit than others we tested, it should be easy to determine which of the gloves’ three sizes are the right fit for you.

Sizes: S, M, L

Colors: light gray (S, M), dark gray (L)

Materials: acrylic and nylon shell, microfleece lining

If you’re particularly worried about an accurate fit, consider the Black Diamond HeavyWeight ScreenTap Fleece Gloves, which have a stretchy fit that hugs the hand like a second skin and makes typing more accurate than with other gloves we tested. (The difference in ease of typing between the Moshi Digits and the Black Diamond gloves was negligible, though.) The Black Diamond pair’s fleece material also blocks wind better than traditional knit fabrics (like that used in the Glider Gloves) and is water-repellent.

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But these are designed to be liner gloves, so they’re not very warm on their own. Unless you’re going to be active, you may want to pair the Black Diamonds with an outer glove in extremely cold temperatures and in the snow. The Black Diamond gloves’ stretchy material also means sizing is more forgiving than with some other gloves we tested, and the company offers more specific sizing than Moshi (XS to XL, rather than just S to L).

Sizes: XS to XL

Color: black

Materials: fleece shell, goat leather palm

If you live somewhere with temperatures that rarely drop below 40 °F, you can get away with the less insulated but more accurate Glider Gloves Urban Style Touchscreen Gloves. They’re the least warm of the gloves we recommend and a little baggy, but you can easily size down for a tighter fit. And they’re a good option if you work in a cold office and need something thin for all-day use.

Sizes: S/M to XL

Color: black with a mélange pattern

Materials: acrylic, nylon, spandex, copper yarn

If you want a pair of fancy leather gloves that will keep you warm through the winter, the Canada Goose Workman Gloves are surprisingly accurate, given their thickness, and they still look stylish. But be prepared to spend a little more. The plush, thick Workman gloves are the warmest pair we recommend, with an exterior of goatskin leather with wool trim and a lining of polyester faux fur.

These gloves also have ribbed cuffs to keep cold from reaching your fingertips. Although all of our testers noted their accuracy, the Workman Gloves have touchscreen capabilities only on the index finger. We found them to be surprisingly cozy, but we don’t expect them to keep your hands warm when the temperature starts dipping below zero.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colors: black

Materials: goatskin leather, wool trim, polyester faux fur lining

The Kent Wang Deerskin Gloves have a classic design, a cashmere lining, and above-average touchscreen accuracy. They weren’t as warm as the double-layer knit Moshi Digits, but our testers found them to be about as warm as the Black Diamond fleece gloves. Like the Canada Goose Workman Gloves, they’re expensive. Because the Kent Wangs are sold in specific sizes and the leather is less stretchy than our knit and fleece recommendations, it may be harder to get a proper fit. If that’s the case, you can opt for a custom pair, for $25 more.

Sizes: 7, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5

Colors: black, dark brown

Materials: calf leather palm, deerskin back, cashmere lining

Who should buy touchscreen winter gloves

Regular gloves don’t work with the capacitive screens on phones and smartwatches, so if you want to use your device when it’s cold out, you’ll need to either take off a glove or use gloves that are designed to work with touchscreens.

Unfortunately, every touchscreen glove we’ve tested exists on a continuum of “warm but inaccurate” to “cold but good for typing,” and no glove was truly good at both. Inaccurate gloves led to incoherent text messages, and thin but accurate gloves left us freezing when we wore them in cold weather. In an era in which voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant are increasingly accurate and useful, you may be better off just using a normal glove and talking to your phone instead.

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In our trials, we focused on gloves that existed in that middle ground of the continuum—those suited to when you’re out walking the dog or waiting for a train, rather than those designed for Arctic conditions or heavy labor. They’ll keep your fingers from freezing while you’re brushing the snow off your windscreen, and they will allow you to fire off a quick text or get Google directions.

Touchscreen gloves also break down quickly—a pair of good touchscreen gloves will last you a full winter or two if you’re lucky, because the conductive material that enables touchscreen compatibility wears down over time.

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