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Taylor Swift’s Flight Tracker Lawyers Sends Her Annoying Legal Letter

Slater highlighted that Morrone failed to cite any specific law to support her cease, except for stalking, which doesn't apply in Sweeney's case since he has never made a "credible threat" against Taylor.

Taylor Swift is no stranger to legal battles, but her latest one involves a college student and his flight-tracking antics. It all started when Jack Sweeney, a junior at the University of Central Florida, posted Taylor’s private jet’s flight path on Instagram.

Little did he know that this innocent act would land him in hot water and receive a cease and desist letter from Taylor’s attorney, Kate Wright Morrone.

In response to the legal threat, Sweeney took to the social media app, X, to share a two-page letter he sent to Taylor. And let’s just say, his words didn’t exactly soar with her.

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Alongside the January 25 missive, Sweeney cheekily quoted lyrics from Taylor’s 2017 hit song, “Reputation,” writing, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Oh boy, that must have ruffled some feathers in Taylor’s legal team.

Morrone’s cease and desist letter accused Sweeney of engaging in “stalking and harassing behaviour” by revealing Taylor’s flight information in real-time on social media. She warned that if Sweeney didn’t stop putting Taylor’s safety at risk, he would face further legal action.

But Sweeney and his attorney, James Slater, weren’t intimidated. They fired back with their letter, pointing out the flaws in Morrone’s argument.

Slater highlighted that Morrone failed to cite any specific law to support her cease, except for stalking, which doesn’t apply in Sweeney’s case since he has never made a “credible threat” against Taylor.

Furthermore, Sweeney had simply uploaded publicly available data from the Federal Aviation Administration to track Taylor’s plane movements. In other words, he exercised his right to protected speech and did nothing unlawful.

To add a touch of irony, Slater mentioned that Sweeney had also posted similar flight information for Elon Musk and some Russian oligarchs. It seems like Sweeney’s flight-tracking hobby knows no bounds. Who knew that tracking flights could be so controversial?

While it’s understandable that Taylor values her privacy, it’s hard not to find a bit of humour in this situation. After all, in the age of social media, it’s not uncommon for people to share their every move with the world. But when it comes to a global superstar like Taylor Swift, the rules seem to change.

In the battle between Taylor Swift and the flight tracker college student, it’s hard to say who will come out on top. Will Taylor’s legal team back down, or will they continue to pursue the matter? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, Sweeney’s flight tracking days are far from over.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Flight tracking should be done responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Avery Walker for SurgeZirc UK
Avery Walker for SurgeZirc UK
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