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Taylor Swift Fans Hold ‘Mini Concert’ After Their Flight Got Delayed

While waiting on the tarmac, passengers "decided to play some of Swift's hits," a flight attendant reportedly said

Taylor Swift fans sure know how to have fun!

On a delayed flight from Denver to Salt Lake City on Saturday, a group of enthusiastic Swift fans gathered together to create a mini-concert while waiting on the tarmac.

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As per the Associated Press, one of the flight attendants noticed a young girl on the plane who appeared upset after attending Taylor Swift’s concert. In an effort to lift her spirits, they decided to extend the concert experience onboard.

A heartwarming video of this impromptu performance went viral on TikTok, garnering over 1.9 million views.

Taylor Swift - SurgeZirc UK
Taylor Swift

“We noticed a young girl who looked quite upset, and found out she’d just come from the Taylor Swift concert,” the flight attendant reportedly shared with the AP. “So, we asked her what the opening song was and decided to play some of Swift’s hits.”

With phone flashlights illuminating the cabin, passengers passionately sang along to some of Swift’s greatest hits, instantly transforming the atmosphere and revealing the number of devoted Swifties onboard the flight.

During their rendition of Swift’s beloved track “Love Story,” passengers waved their hands from their seats, their faces lighting up with smiles, as they immersed themselves in the moment.

Taylor Swift - SurgeZirc UK
Taylor Swift

The one-minute TikTok video of the in-flight concert prompted envy from fans who wished they could be part of such a heartwarming experience.

“I WANNA BE ON THAT PLANE,” one user commented.

“Love everything about this! ❤️” another person wrote. “This is epic,” added one TikTok user.

By the end of this unexpected concert, the previously upset little girl, along with the entire plane, appeared to be in much better spirits.

The individual who recorded the TikTok video also mentioned that some of the travelers exchanged friendship bracelets during the flight, a gesture that has become customary among fans attending Taylor Swift’s concerts. “I traded with some people around me,” they wrote when asked about the friendship bracelets on the plane.

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Taylor Swift, 33, recently made history on the Billboard charts with the release of her latest album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Achieving her 12th No. 1 album, she now holds the record for the most No. 1 albums by any female artist in history, surpassing Barbra Streisand’s 11 No. 1 albums.

Additionally, Swift became the first female artist to have four albums in the Billboard Top 10 simultaneously. While Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) claimed the top position, Midnights, Lover, and Folklore secured the fifth, seventh, and 10th spots, respectively.

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