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Take That Band To Release Their First Movie Titled ‘Greatest Days!’

Take That will release their first movie as band member Gary Barlow reveals that the boyband movie titled 'Greatest Days!' will be in cinemas next year.

Take That will release their first movie as band member Gary Barlow reveals that the boyband movie titled ‘Greatest Days!’ will be in cinemas next year.

Take That are an English pop boyband formed in Manchester in 1989. The group currently consists of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen. Originally they also featured Jason Orange and Robbie Williams.

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Gary Barlow appeared on Good Morning Britain yesterday and announced that Take That fans would not have to wait that much longer for release of ‘Greatest Days!’, which is a movie adaption of the boybands hit musical.

The musical titled ‘The Band’ featured all of Take That’s biggest hits and enjoyed a short run in London from December 1st, 2018 to January 12th, 2019.

On GMB, Gary said, “We’ve got a film coming out next year featuring all our music.”

Gary and his bandmates Howard Donald and Mark Owen previously said in a statement that ‘Greatest Days!’ is “dedicated to all those who have supported [the band] throughout the years”.

“It’s a celebration of our music but it’s literally all about the fans and their friendships,” the band said.

The band also added that “Our fans have been on a 30-year journey with us and we have an incredibly strong bond with them, so seeing that they will be represented on screen by such a strong, talented cast is incredibly exciting.”

There are three names that have already been attached to the film being Ruth Wilson, Cush Jumbo, and Rosamund Pike.

Take That will executive produce alongside David Pugh and Dafydd Rogers, with Coky Giedroyc being signed on as director.

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Deadline published that ‘Greatest Days!’ will follow the story of five schoolgirls after an incredible night of watching their favourite boyband in a concert, adding that “25 years later, their lives have changed in a myriad of ways as they reunite to reminisce about their past and discover their future”.

This goes along the same story-line of the official synopsis of Take That’s West End show ‘The Band’, which read: “What is it like to grow up with a boyband? For five 16-year-old friends in 1992, ‘the band’ is everything. Twenty-five years on we are reunited with the group of friends, now 40-something women, as they try once more to fulfill their dream of meeting their heroes.”

This seems to be an exciting movie release to look forward to for the band and fans, with the story focusing on a boyband’s dedicated fanbase, it’s interesting to see how much other peoples lives can affect our own.



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3 years ago

Let’s first see what’s happening with the world by 2021…

3 years ago

I’m pretty excited to see it, I enjoyed the musical and I love movies sooooo why not

3 years ago

Always enjoy a musical 🙂 quality band.

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