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“Don’t Rush To Restart La Liga,” Madrid Gareth Bale Warns

"Ask yourself if this is really a good idea. Is it safe? isn't our main concern everybody's safety?," Diego Lopez the Espanyol goalkeeper fired on Wednesday.

Real Madrid player Gareth Bale has advised that authorities should not rush into restart La Liga during the coronavirus lockdown as the Spanish football federation work towards tests and reopening training.

The federation is discussing testing players with a view to completing the La Liga season and so huge financial disaster could be avoided, a source close to La Liga told the media on Thursday, 23, April.

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Gareth Bale said he thought of getting back into action but decided it wiser to wait and see how future occurrence plays out.

“Everyone wants to play football, but the most important thing is everyone stays safe, we don’t want to come back too early. We need to make sure everything is done safely so we avoid the second wave of this virus,” Bale told British broadcaster BT Sports.

The Bundesliga in Germany, where there have been just a few coronavirus deaths case, said Thursday they are “ready” to restart games on May 9 but are waiting for government approval.

Rafael Ramos of the Spanish Association of Football Team Physicians revealed that La Liga is working to come back to action in a series of stages.

“The idea according to La Liga is to test everyone on April 28 and 29,” Ramos said while speaking on Spanish radio on Thursday while stating that the test process would be repeated every three or four days to keep things in check.

Meanwhile, La Liga president Javier Tebas said several alternatives for a return to action were being mulled with May 4 slated for the restart to training.

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“The scenarios we are looking at could see La Liga restart as early as 28-29 May, but could also be 6-7 June or even as late as June 28,” Tebas said while calculating that restarting now could save Spanish clubs a billion euros in revenue if they come back and finish up La Liga and the European competitions.

Awaiting government approval

As for now, it doesn’t matter what Tebas wants as Spain is under a severe lockdown quarantine and is reeling after 22,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Spanish players union (AFE) agree with Welsh winger Bale in his call for prudence.

“Ask yourself if this is really a good idea. Is it safe? isn’t our main concern everybody’s safety?,” Diego Lopez the Espanyol goalkeeper fired on Wednesday.

So far, eight Espanyol players are down with COVID-19.

Alice Campbell for SurgeZirc UK
Alice Campbell for SurgeZirc UK
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