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Shakira Faces Second Tax Fraud In Spain

Her representative is asserting that she has always acted in accordance with the law and under the guidance of top tax experts.

Shakira is now facing a second tax fraud case in Spain.

Nearly 10 months after being ordered to stand trial for her $13.9 million tax evasion case in the country, the 46-year-old singer is now the subject of a fresh investigation.

According to Reuters, a Spanish court announced on Thursday that it has initiated a new probe against the Colombian star, relating to alleged fraud on personal income tax and wealth tax in 2018.

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The court in Esplugues de Llobregat, near Barcelona, stated that they do not have specific information on the amount of money involved, as reported by the Associated Press.

As per El Pais, the court opened the second case following a complaint from the Barcelona Economic Crimes Prosecutor, accusing Shakira of defrauding the Tax Agency. Local outlet El Periodico further reported that the prosecutor’s office has filed a complaint for two alleged tax crimes.

Shakira - SurgeZirc UK

In response to the new investigation, a representative for Shakira released a statement on Thursday, asserting that she has always acted in accordance with the law and under the guidance of top tax experts.

The statement also conveyed her focus on her artistic life in Miami and expressed confidence in a favorable resolution to her tax matters.

The representative clarified that Shakira had not yet received any formal notification regarding the second probe for the 2018 financial year and emphasized that her legal team will withhold comments until they receive official notification through proper channels.

The first case against the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer is scheduled for trial in the autumn, according to El Pais. If found guilty of not paying taxes between 2012 and 2014, she could face up to eight years in prison, along with a substantial fine.

Shakira had rejected a settlement offer in the case in July 2022, according to Reuters, preferring to resolve the matter through court proceedings. She has consistently denied any wrongdoing, and her public relations firm contends that she has paid the amount owed, along with an additional $3 million in interest, as reported by the AP.

Spanish authorities granted permission for further legal action against Shakira in September 2022, enabling prosecutors to pursue additional charges against the singer, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

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Shakira, Pique And Their Sons

The initial fraud case revolves around the question of where she resided between 2012 and 2014. Shakira asserts that she primarily lived in her primary residence in the Bahamas, while prosecutors aim to prove that she spent the majority of that period in Spain.

In documents obtained by El Periodico and El Pais, Shakira’s defense claimed that she had spent most of her time abroad and had not intentionally concealed her income, attributing any discrepancies to differences in interpretation.

According to El Pais, the second investigation does not relate to her residency but concerns “some alleged irregularity detected by the Treasury that, in the eyes of the Prosecutor’s Office, may constitute a crime.”

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Shakira moved from Barcelona to Miami with her children in April, leaving behind the city where her Spanish ex, Gerard Piqué, resides. The former couple shares two boys, Sasha (8) and Milan (10), and announced their separation in a joint statement in June 2022.

Shakira had lived in Barcelona for eight years but posted a farewell message on Instagram, stating that she was seeking new horizons to find happiness, while expressing gratitude for the friendships she had forged in the city.

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