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Remote Work Could Open Doors For Disabled Community

People living with disabilities live in one form of isolation or another. Whether this is socially or financially or both.

Remote working jobs are a chance to open doors for the disabled community. Remote work should open doors for disabled community.

As an able-bodied person it is so easy to take day to day life for granted. I and countless others have been posting about how we miss outside. Missing partying and social spaces with friends.

What has become clearer to me is that this norm is a privilege. To be able to get up and go to work everyday so you can make a living is a privilege

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People living with disabilities live in one form of isolation or another. Whether this is socially or financially or both.

Advocate for children with disabilities Rajid Mehmet writes a poignant letter highlighting the similarities between quarantine isolation and the lives of many children living with disabilities.

These children will evolve into adults that will go through difficulties of being accepted by a system that is prejudiced against them and their abilities.

Now that it is shutdown we truly do have a chance to have a fresh perspective on how we have been going about without much care about how our behavior affects others.

So shutdown may have been an inconvenience for most but the disabled community has benefited on some part.

Remote work has allowed those that would have physically been unable to travel to be able to work from home. The more companies consider this option, the more opportunities will be provided for many to work at home.

Call centres have been hit hard during the pandemic. There are more calls coming in to inquire about packages since the travel restrictions.

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Different factors such as health safety and access to WiFi has resulted in call centres losing workers.

Several telecom giants have turned to disabled professionals who have been trained to work from home.

The work place is certain to change in the foreseeable future. Work has met home in a way that’s never happened before. This is an opportunity to open doors to different individuals to whom doors were closed on before. The future should definitely be different.


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