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Rebecca Ferguson Lauds Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible, Says It’s A Franchise That ‘Knows How To Write Storylines For Women’

Rebecca Ferguson has praised the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise for offering greater opportunities to women in the film industry.

In the latest installment of the series, the 39-year-old actress reprises her role as MI6 agent Isla Faust. She commends director Christopher McQuarrie and leading man Tom Cruise for providing substantial roles not only for herself but also for actresses like Vanessa Kirby and Hayley Atwell.

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“Mission” stands out as a franchise that genuinely knows how to craft compelling storylines for women,” Rebecca Ferguson told IndieWire. “They don’t get bogged down in unnecessary details or explanations. There’s an unspoken understanding, and the arcs are well-thought-out. As Ilsa, I have control over my own destiny. Every character’s journey is grounded in purpose.”

While Rebecca doesn’t attempt to replicate Tom Cruise’s daring stunts, she relishes the opportunity to collaborate with the movie icon in the action-packed series.

“I might be a few paces behind in the running department, but I do try,” she shared. “Tom is the essence of ‘Mission’, embodying everything positive about the franchise, and fortunately, nothing negative has come out of it.”

Working on ‘Mission: Impossible’ equips actors with a wealth of knowledge, which they can choose to embrace or decline, according to Ferguson. If an actor decides not to perform a particular stunt, the production team finds alternative solutions.

“I believe in mastering what I can, and saying ‘no’ when it’s necessary. The team always finds a workaround; they never impose anything on you,” Rebecca explained.

The actress recounted an incident on set when she was unable to ride a powerful motorbike at the required speed for a scene. Supported by the crew, she decided not to take any risks.

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“It was a 760 Triumph, a powerful motorbike. Despite my strength, riding it at high speed on a road in England was challenging,” she recalled. “The trainer noticed I was going too slow and felt uncomfortable. I said, ‘I need to get off; it’s not safe. I don’t trust myself.’ They responded calmly and presented alternatives: Jenny (Tinmouth), the world’s best motorcycle rider, stepped in.”

Rebecca Ferguson’s praise for the franchise’s inclusivity and support for women reflects the positive steps being taken in the film industry to create more diverse and empowering roles for female actors.

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