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Prime Minister Boris Johnson Expected To Stand Before The Commons Liaison Committee Later Today

It is expected that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to stand before the Commons Liaison Committee today to possibly address what actions that should be taken after his Chief Aide’s controversial address to the nation.

Last week Friday it was reported that the Prime Ministers top adviser, Dominic Cummings had breached lockdown regulations by travelling outside of his London property to his parent’s residence in Durham.

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This was met with extreme backlash from the public, the opposition to the conservative party and even the Prime Ministers own cabinet. The scandal essentially brought up questions of governmental integrity and a great demand for Mr Cummings to resign as Senior Adviser, however this has not happened thus resulting in today’s Commons address.

It is expected that the Prime Minister is most likely to be interrogated by the Commons Liaison Committee about his capabilities during the coronavirus pandemic, seeing that there are plans to reopen the job market and to reintroduce pupils back into their schooling routines.

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In addition to this the committee is most likely to question the Prime Minister about what his future intentions are with his current Senior Adviser and whether he acknowledges the great threat that Mr Cummings’ presence poses within the parliamentary space.

About 35 Tory MP’s have demanded for Mr Cummings’ resignation whether it be voluntarily carried through by himself or through his boss, Mr Boris Johnson. The Committee is the only governmental figure that has the authority to question the Prime Minister and is expected to utilize this power today, during the Commons address.



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