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Philosophy Student Found Guilty Of Murder After Running Over Fiancé

Wood, visibly affected by the verdict, stared downwards as she left the dock. The sentencing for the case has been scheduled for January 29.

Alice Wood, a 23-year-old philosophy student, has been found guilty of the murder of her fiancé, Ryan Watson. The incident occurred on May 6 last year near their shared home in Rode Heath, Cheshire.

Wood used her Ford Fiesta as a weapon, running over Watson at approximately 11:30 pm. Throughout the trial at Chester Crown Court, Wood denied the charges of murder and manslaughter, claiming that her boyfriend’s death was a tragic accident.

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Wood maintained that she was unaware that Watson was trapped underneath her car as she drove a distance of 158 meters up Sandbach Road before coming to a stop.

During the trial, Wood showed no emotion as the jury deliberated for less than eight hours and returned a unanimous verdict of guilty. Judge Michael Leeming remanded Wood in custody and informed her that she may never be released.

Addressing Wood, Judge Leeming stated, “You have been convicted of the murder of Ryan Watson.

“There is only one sentence that the law allows, and that is life imprisonment. I am required to consider the minimum term you must serve in custody before the Parole Board deems it safe for you to be released. You may never be released. It is a matter entirely for the Parole Board.”

Wood, visibly affected by the verdict, stared downwards as she left the dock. The sentencing for the case has been scheduled for January 29.

This tragic incident involving Alice Wood and Ryan Watson has shocked the community and raised questions about the consequences of actions taken in moments of anger. The case highlights the importance of understanding the legal implications and responsibilities that come with operating a vehicle.

While Wood claimed that the incident was an accident, the jury found her guilty of murder based on the evidence presented during the trial. The decision to use her car as a weapon and drive a considerable distance while unaware of Watson’s presence underneath the vehicle was seen as a deliberate and reckless act.

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The judge’s remarks about the severity of the crime and the potential for Wood to serve a life sentence underscore the gravity of the situation. The court’s responsibility is not only to determine guilt or innocence but also to consider the appropriate punishment.

The tragedy of Ryan Watson’s death serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from acts of violence, even in moments of anger. It is crucial for individuals to find healthy and constructive ways to manage their emotions and resolve conflicts peacefully.

This case also raises broader questions about the role of the justice system in addressing crimes committed in the heat of the moment. While the law recognizes the distinction between premeditated and impulsive acts, it is essential to establish accountability and ensure that justice is served.

Charles Walton for SurgeZirc UK
Charles Walton for SurgeZirc UK
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