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Panasonic’s Extra Bright HZ2000 Model OLED TV Is Aimed At Cinephiles

Panasonic is known for building costly TVs with exceptional image quality, and it’s keeping that trend going at CES 2020. Its latest HZ2000 model is the first OLED TV to support Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode, features aimed at cinephiles who want films exactly as the creators intended. It’s built using Panasonic’s “Master HDR OLED Professional Edition” panel that also delivers up to an extra 20 percent peak brightness compared to other OLED TV.

As we saw earlier this year, Filmmaker Mode basically turns off “soap opera” motion smoothing and ensures the correct color, aspect ratio and framerates for a given film. Panasonic’s version of Filmmaker Mode will also adjust the picture to account for ambient light levels. On top of that, the HZ2000 will support Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG Photo modes.

Panasonic said that the set was tuned by Hollywood expert Steven Sonnenfeld (Wonder WomanA Star is Born) for maximum color accuracy and “significantly better peak and average brightness levels,” Panasonic said. That would be a notable improvement, as OLED TVs are known for having great contrast but mediocre brightness levels.

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