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‘Our Girl’ Is Cancelled Following Michelle Keegan Leaving The Show

'Our Girl' has been cancelled indefinitely and will not be back with a fifth series following Michelle Keegan leaving the show.

‘Our Girl’ has been cancelled indefinitely and will not be back with a fifth series following Michelle Keegan leaving the show.

‘Our Girl’ is a British television military drama series, which was written and created by Tony Grounds with the pilot episode first broadcast on BBC One on March 24th, 2013. 

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Though the series had initially starred Lacey Turner as Molly Dawes, a young working-class woman, who joins the British Army when she decides her life is not going anywhere.  

Following the feature-length pilot episode, a full series of five episodes was commissioned, commencing the show to officially be broadcast on September 21st, 2014.

Lacey Turner left her role after the first series and was then replaced by Michelle Keegan as the lead character.

BBC bosses and the show’s creative team announced that they have cancelled the military drama series indefinitely following Michelle leaving the show and the lead role character, Sergeant Georgie Lane. 

‘Our Girl’ creator Tony Grounds told Radio Times: “With the finale of series four showing Georgie ready to move on with her life, it feels like the right time for us to do the same.”

Though Tony would like to work with Michelle again in the future. He revealed: “Michelle and I are keen to continue our working relationship and, who knows, maybe we’ll catch up with Georgie in the future.”

“I wanted to say a big thank you to the fans of the show, it’s been a joy to write.” – Tony added.

The controller of BBC Drama, Piers Wenger also added: “We are very proud of ‘Our Girl’ and would like to thank Tony Grounds, Michelle Keegan, and the fantastic cast and crew for all their hard work on the show.”

In January Michelle left ‘Our Girl’ after series four of the hit drama, admitting that she wanted to spend more time in the UK and ‘explore other opportunities’ that are in store for her career. 

Being on the series had Michelle travelling throughout the year, from South Africa to Nepal and Malaysia for several months at a time to film during the year.

Though Michelle also admitted that it was difficult to walk away from the drama series. When speaking with The Sun about her decision she said: “I’ve had the most incredible four years on the show and I want to thank the BBC for giving me such an amazing opportunity.”

Michelle continued: “Playing Georgie has been a life-changing role for me. I’ve loved every second of the adventure so it was a very hard decision to make not to return.” 

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Following her announcement the producers were said to have been searching for someone else to replace Michelle as the lead, with Jacqueline Jossa reportedly first in line to take over the role, but it seems plans have changed and the show has been cancelled indefinitely. 



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3 years ago

Nooooo, I loved her in this role!

3 years ago

Please let them carry with the series in the future…

3 years ago

Don’t end the series, we need more 😭

3 years ago

I guess there does come a time to move on

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