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Michael Portillo Supports Govt. Immigration Law During BBC Question Time

During the discussion, a female audience member launched a devastating attack on Britain’s “open borders” immigration system, saying “enough is enough”.

Michael Portillo is promoting the idea that Britain did not need to depend on foreigners to makeup jobs in the health industry, as he affirms his support for the new immigration policy by the UK Government.

Michael Portillo appeared on Thursday night’s edition of BBC Question Time in Weymouth, where he was joined by panellists George Eustice MP, Alison McGovern MP, journalist Ash Sarkar and RBS chairman Sir Howard Davies.

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The panel setup was responding to a question by a community nurse, who was bordered that the Government’s new immigration plans may lead to a shortage of workforce in social care, which has in its employment more of foreigners.

Mr Portillo responded, “I think there is something decadent about the situation we’ve got ourselves into, where we think that there are lots of jobs where only foreigners, and probably only transient foreigners at that, will do.”

“I think we ought to get back to a situation where more British people see the care industry, the NHS, catering, hotels, see these as careers.

“Go to them because they want to go to these jobs and have the proper qualifications, have the training, have the opportunity to move up through the system.”

In accordance with that fact that Mr Boris Johnson would have to be flexible in implementing his new immigration rule, Mr Michael Portillo backed the Government’s new policy.

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“I think the consequences of this immigration policy are pretty broad and I think pretty positive,” he said.

The Government had earlier the week announced it was introducing a point-based immigration system, which will stop the free movement of labour from the European Union.

Before Brexit, and until now, workers from the European Union countries have the automatic right to live and work in the UK not minding their salary or skill level, but the Government says this will end on December 31, when the 11-month post-Brexit transition period is due to finish.

And when that happens, low-skilled workers, who usually work in the health and hospitality sectors, would not get visas anymore.

Meanwhile, the Home Secretary Priti Patel told BBC Breakfast that the Government wanted to “encourage people with the right talent” and “reduce the levels of people coming to the UK with low skills”.

During the discussion, a female audience member launched a devastating attack on Britain’s “open borders” immigration system, saying “enough is enough”.

She fired in her opinion after Ms McGovern argued that the freedom of movement of workers from Europe was a good thing.

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She started, “Interesting what you’re saying here.

“68 million people now living in England and going up, according to UN estimates.

“At what stage do the panel and people think this country has had enough?

“That we should close the borders, completely close the borders?

“Because it’s got to the stage now where there’s no education, the schooling, infrastructure – it’s enough. We are sinking.

“Surely someone’s got to see common sense and say ‘enough is enough!’”

She added: “You’ve got people flooding into this country who cannot speak English. I’ve come from London. In the NHS everything is written in different languages.

“How much is that costing? How much is it costing for all the interpreters.”

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