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Nadine Dorries Writes Book On Boris Johnson’s ‘Political Assassination’

The upcoming book, titled 'The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson,' is set to be released on September 28, just days before the Conservative Party's annual conference commences in Manchester.

Nadine Dorries, the former MP, has authored a book shedding light on what she claims was a “political assassination” of Boris Johnson, the former prime minister.

The upcoming book, titled ‘The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson,’ is set to be released on September 28, just days before the Conservative Party’s annual conference commences in Manchester.

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In the book, published by HarperCollins, Dorries promises to unveil the “seismic untold story” behind Johnson’s downfall. According to the publisher, the book uncovers a “profoundly shocking story of powerful, unaccountable forces operating behind the scenes, who became the architects of a prime minister’s downfall.”

Dorries made headlines last month when she announced her resignation as an MP, citing the privileges committee’s verdict that Johnson had repeatedly lied to parliament regarding the partygate scandal.

Despite the announcement, she has yet to formally step down, leading to speculation that she intends to maximize political damage on Johnson’s political rival, Rishi Sunak, by delaying her departure until autumn.

Johnson resigned as prime minister last summer following a series of ministerial resignations stemming from his handling of the Chris Pincher scandal.

Reflecting on the book, Dorries remarked, “When I embarked on this book, I had no idea of the journey ahead. However, as I delved deeper into Westminster’s inner workings and engaged with key figures, the story unfolded before me.

I initially set out to uncover the forces behind the prime minister’s downfall, only to uncover a fault line within the Conservative Party spanning decades and a history of deception fueled by the darkest political tactics.”

She continued, “If you believed that power flowed from the people to parliament, be prepared to reassess your perspective.”

Dorries was among several Johnson allies accused of orchestrating a “coordinated” campaign against the privileges committee during the partygate investigation.

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In a segment on her Talk TV show in March, she expressed scepticism about the committee’s impartiality, stating, “I never believed there was a scenario in which this committee would find Boris innocent. They made it clear early on that they had already decided his guilt. The committee knew they had no shred of evidence to prove he intentionally misled.”

The release of Dorries’ book is expected to fuel further debate and speculation surrounding the events leading to Johnson’s departure and the future of the Conservative Party.

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