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Megan Fox Leaves Nothing To Imagination In Racy Forest Photo Shoot

In the photos, Fox holds pretty much nothing back, letting her sexy side truly come out.

Megan Fox shares steamy pictures from her most recent photo shoot.

In her latest Instagram post on Tuesday, the 37-year-old actress from Transformers shared a series of snaps captured by photographer Cibelle Levi during a serene forest photo shoot. In the caption, she wrote, “a fourth house taurus sun.”

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The photos reveal Fox’s unapologetic and alluring side.

The first snapshot showcases Fox in a wet, translucent dress that leaves little to the imagination.

Megan Fox - SurgeZirc UK

The next image features the actress standing with her back turned to the camera, providing a glimpse of her exposed butt.

A close-up picture highlights Fox’s profile from the side, accentuating her curves.

The final image in the carousel captures her toes dipped in water, with one of them adorned with a ring.

On Saturday, Fox also shared Levi’s photographs on Instagram, showcasing her wearing a green two-piece amidst the forest surrounded by leaves. She captioned the shots, “The forest is my oldest friend.”

Megan Fox - SurgeZirc UK

Not only did Fox’s Instagram followers react to the photos on Saturday, but her rockstar fiancĂ© Machine Gun Kelly also left a comment in the section, stating, “if this is what a wild animal looks like, I’d let it maul me.”

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Although Fox didn’t respond directly to the comment, her photos have garnered a significant reaction and amassed millions of likes.

Megan Fox - SurgeZirc UK

The photos continued to make an appearance. On Monday, Megan Fox shared additional pictures from the shoot with the caption, “the trees call me by my name.”

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