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Health Secretary Matt Hancock Comments On PPE

The health secretary, Matt Hancock commented on PPE saying, “not being used more than is needed” and has been criticised by the Royal College of Nursing, saying that “PPE was not more precious a resource than a healthcare worker’s life, a nurse’s life, a doctor’s life”.

WATCH HERE: Matt Hancock Defend PPE Comments 

​Mr Hancock said: “It is really important to stress that people use the right amount of protective equipment.

“For instance, having looked at the evidence, the guidance was changed, with the support of the Royal College of Nursing and others, last week to say that you can use a gown for a whole session, a whole shift, rather than changing it when you treat each patient.

“That is an important change because it means we get through them less quickly and save precious equipment. It is very important to stress that point.

“I’m not impugning anybody who works for the NHS and I think they do an amazing job but what I am reiterating, stressing, is the importance to use the right amount of PPE, both to have enough and also to use it as the precious resource that it is.”

In other news, Downing Street announced that Prime minister Boris Johnson can get out of bed for “short walks” as he recovers from the COVID-19 virus.

Dr Chris Smith said: “Being severely unwell and sufficiently ill to warrant ITU admission really takes it out of you and leaves people weak and exhausted for a significant time afterwards.”

Article submitted by Chante, Structured, Edited And Corrected By Charles Watson



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5 months ago

Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

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