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Luke D’wit Found Guilty Of Murdering Married Couple With Fentanyl

D'wit first came into contact with the Baxters in 2012 or 2013 when he was hired to build a website for their shower mat company, Cazsplash.

A man has been found guilty of the murder of a married couple he worked for by drugging them with the opioid painkiller fentanyl. Stephen Baxter, 61, and his wife Carol, 64, were tragically found dead at their home in West Mersea, Essex, in April 2023.

The perpetrator, Luke D’wit, 34, had manipulated the couple’s will to gain control of their business after their deaths, as revealed during the trial at Chelmsford Crown Court. D’wit, a resident of Churchfields, West Mersea, will be sentenced at a later date.

Described by Detective Superintendent Rob Kirby, head of major crime at Essex Police, as “one of the most dangerous men” he has encountered in his policing career, D’wit’s actions have shocked the community.

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Kirby expressed his belief that if D’wit had not been apprehended, he would have continued to commit further murders. The trial uncovered the chilling details of how D’wit poisoned Mr and Mrs Baxter by tampering with their medication, ultimately leading to their deaths.

Luke D'wit Found Guilty Of Murdering Married Couple With Fentanyl - SurgeZirc UK
Luke D’wit.

D’wit first came into contact with the Baxters in 2012 or 2013 when he was hired to build a website for their shower mat company, Cazsplash.

Over time, he became increasingly involved in their lives, even assisting Mrs Baxter in managing her thyroid condition, Hashimoto’s disease. However, the couple’s daughter, Ellie, revealed that her parents grew irritated by D’wit’s frequent presence in their home on Victory Road, considering him to be “nerdy weird.”

The trial further exposed D’wit’s manipulation of Mrs. Baxter through the use of false identities created on his numerous electronic devices. Pretending to be a doctor and fellow sufferer of Hashimoto’s disease, D’wit offered her advice and enforced strict rules upon her.

Mrs Baxter, desperate to improve her health, felt compelled to follow these rules, unaware of the deceitful nature of D’wit’s actions.

Disturbingly, D’wit had taken photos of the deceased couple in their armchairs in the conservatory of their home, capturing their final moments. The court learned that he had installed a mobile security surveillance application on his phone, allowing him to monitor a camera and witness their demise.

On Easter Sunday, Miss Baxter arrived at her parents’ home and discovered them lifeless in the conservatory. Toxicology reports later confirmed the presence of fentanyl, a contributing factor in their deaths.

In a heartbreaking statement following D’wit’s conviction, Miss Baxter expressed the profound loss she and her young children have endured. She highlighted how her mother’s illness, contrived by D’wit, left her feeling isolated and helpless.

During the trial, D’wit claimed that the creation of fake personalities messaging Mrs Baxter was an idea initiated by Mr Baxter.

According to D’wit, he merely carried out Stephen’s instructions. He denied any sinister motives behind the false identities, asserting they were intended to improve Mrs Baxter’s health and the couple’s relationship.

However, the evidence presented during the trial painted a different picture. D’wit’s possession of fentanyl patches, both opened and unopened, at his residence, along with deceiving the victims into taking a lethal dose, strongly suggested his guilt.

As the sentencing date approaches, the community mourns the loss of the Baxter couple and reflects on the devastating impact of D’wit’s actions. The trial has brought to light the dangers of manipulation and deceit, reminding us to remain vigilant and protect ourselves and our loved ones from those who seek to harm.

Charles Walton for SurgeZirc UK
Charles Walton for SurgeZirc UK
Charles Walton, a renowned writer for SurgeZIrc UK, has been covering local and world news for years. With his deep understanding of global affairs and his dedication to uncovering the truth, Walton has become a trusted source of information for readers around the world.
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