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Meghan Markle’s ‘Husband Shirt’ Could Be Best For Work From Home

However, everyone mustn't go for the $125 "husband shirt" version, there're other ones for lower prices - the good thing is that they will still keep you on-trend. 

Meghan Markle may be going through a few issues now after she and her husband Harry decided to step down from acting as senior royals, thereby relinquishing their royal titles and paid royal security guard as they move to Los Angeles. But that doesn’t mean the Duchess of Sussex is in anyways less classy than she’s always been.

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Let’s get it straight, whatever Meghan Markle wears becomes “fashion” instantly as the countless outfits like “looking at you, Invictus Games dress!” and accessories she wears tend to become popular demands and they sell out pretty quickly.

We could still recall that one of Meghan’s most famous look, which was a classic button-down shirt she wore on her “first” outing with Harry in 2017 became a most wanted then and sold pretty much. The shirt is timeless and casual as well to make a part of your work-from-home wardrobe during this lockdown.

Meghan Markle once-sold-out “Husband Shirt” which was designed by designer friend Misha Nonoo and till now, it’s still gaining traction. Vanity Fair announced in January that the top is now available in maternity sizes. Celebrity stylist, Soneca Guadara said, “that shirt will never go out of style.”

“The husband-style shirt is without a doubt a timeless and classic piece. It is most definitely a wardrobe basic that every woman should own in her closet,” Guadara once told HuffPost.

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The stylist also revealed that top Hollywood celebrity ladies have been wearing similar shirt soon after Meghan rocked it, like Diane Keaton, Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly. The top automatically became classic top has also evolved, becoming part of a modern look Markle has made her own, she said.

“Meghan has been spotted a few times wearing a white button-down shirt like this. She wore one on her first royal visit to Australia and we sported a custom-made maternity version of it by Givenchy when she was pregnant,” Guadara said.

“The “husband shirt” comes in different styles and can be worn with a suit, tucked into a pencil skirt or with trousers, for casual, it can be worn with leggings, shorts or jeans,” the stylist said.

For Meghan Markle, her “husband shirt” starts at $125, and currently, 10% of proceeds from all MishaNonoo sales will be donated to the New York City Food Bank. More so, she’s offering $50 gift cards to healthcare workers actively battling the COVID_19 outbreak as a thank you for their service.

However, everyone mustn’t go for the $125 “husband shirt” version, there’re other ones for lower prices – the good thing is that they will still keep you on-trend.

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“J.Crew offers a similar top for $69.50, and Express has one for $35.43 – these stores often host sales so you can snag the look for much less,” she said.

You could give it a trial and join the Meghan Markle trend magic.

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