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Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Her ‘Real True Friend’ Tony Bennett

In her reflections, Gaga expressed her profound admiration for Tony Bennett and encouraged others not to overlook the wisdom and value that elders bring to our lives.

Lady Gaga is paying heartfelt tribute to her dear friend, Tony Bennett.

In a touching Instagram post shared on Monday, the 37-year-old singer expressed her profound emotions, showing a picture of herself and Bennett hugging in a dressing room. She expressed her everlasting love for him, emphasizing that she will deeply miss singing, recording, and sharing the stage with the legendary performer, who passed away at the age of 96 on July 21.

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Reflecting on their unique bond, Gaga revealed that with Tony, she had the extraordinary opportunity to step into a time warp, where they modernized music together and revived it as a harmonious duo. She emphasized that their relationship was genuine, transcending the stage and recordings.

Besides being her musical mentor, Bennett also taught Gaga valuable lessons about life and showbiz. He instilled in her the importance of maintaining a positive outlook, a balanced perspective, and a commitment to producing high-quality work while embracing the gift of gratitude.

Lady Gaga Hugging Tony Bennet - SurgeZirc UK
Lady Gaga Hugging Tony Bennet. PHOTO – LADY GAGA / INSTAGRAM

Gaga fondly recalled the significant moments in Bennett’s life, such as his involvement in marching with Martin Luther King Jr. and his service during WWII.

Gaga candidly shared that she had been grieving Bennett’s loss for quite some time, having shared a profound and intimate farewell with him. Despite their considerable age difference, she found inspiration and a deep connection with him, appreciating the distinct perspectives they brought to each other’s lives.

“I’ve been grieving the loss of Tony for a long time. We had a very long and powerful goodbye,” Gaga continued. “Though there were 5 decades between us, he was my friend. My real true friend.”

Addressing the cause of Bennett’s passing, Gaga acknowledged the pain of losing him to Alzheimer’s while recognizing the beauty in witnessing a person’s journey through memory loss. She cherished the vulnerable moments he shared with her, particularly the act of singing together during a period of profound change.

“An era of memory loss is such a sacred time in a person’s life. All I wanted was for Tony to remember how much I loved him and how grateful I was to have him in my life,” she continued. “But, as that faded slowly I knew deep down he was sharing with me the most vulnerable moment in his life that he could — being willing to sing with me when his nature was changing so deeply.”

In her reflections, Gaga expressed her profound admiration for Tony Bennett and encouraged others not to overlook the wisdom and value that elders bring to our lives.

She urged people not to shy away from sadness but to embrace it as a part of life’s journey. Gaga emphasized the importance of caring for our elders and the profound lessons that can be learned from them.

Throughout their partnership, Gaga discovered that meaningful exchanges could be shared in moments of silence, even without the presence of music. She concluded her tribute by declaring her eternal love for Tony, signing off as “Love, Lady.”

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The duo’s friendship began in 2011 when they became “fast friends” after Gaga’s performance at the Robin Hood Foundation charity gala. They collaborated for the first time on a cover of “The Lady Is a Tramp” for Bennett’s album Duets II in 2011.

Later, they released their collaborative album, “Cheek to Cheek,” in 2014. Their final performance together was in August 2021 at Radio City Music Hall for their “One Last Time: An Evening With Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga” concert.

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