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Kylie Minogue Released A New Single Titled ‘Say Something’

Kylie Minogue has just released a new single titled 'Say Something' that is part of her fifteenth album called 'Disco', and the experience of it so far has been out of this world. 

Kylie Minogue has just released a new single titled ‘Say Something’ that is part of her fifteenth album called ‘Disco’, and the experience of it so far has been out of this world.

The last time Kylie Minogue released an album was in 2018 titled ‘Golden’, she then revealed earlier this year that she wanted to bring “grown-up disco” music with her new album.

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Kylie took to social media to announce that her single titled ‘Say Something’ would be released on July 23rd and her album ‘Disco’ will be out on November 6th and is now available for pre-order.

She posted a short clip and wrote: “Are you waiting for me to SAY SOMETHING??? My new album DISCO is released November 6th and will be available to pre-order from Thursday morning at 00:01 BST.” –

In May, Minogue spoke out on how working on new material during the coronavirus lockdown has been beneficial to her health.

Kylie said: “This time has been about trying to stay well, stay sane, and appreciate the creative outlet I have with making this album.”

“I have loved seeing how creative all sorts of people are right now, be it helping on the front line or making us laugh on socials. The humanity that is pouring out of people is so beautiful.” – Kylie said.

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Kylie expressed how proud she is of her new album on social media and cannot wait for her fans to hear it. –

Speaking on Hits Radio Kylie gave some insight on what to expect of her latest album to come, she said: “Escapism, emotion, I mean one of my true happy places is emotional pop where it’s up to you, you can just let loose or you can interpret the words and the feelings.”

“We started last year, the single ‘Say Something’ we began last year and then I guess I was maybe a third through the album and then there was lockdown so, she now knows how to record her own vocals, so look out!” – Kylie added referring to herself.

Kylie even took to Tik Tok playing her new song and dancing around lights in celebration of its release. –

“It’s like a galactic disco. I think this song Is about all of our eternal quests for love and the searching and the knowing there’s someone out there!” – Kylie Minogue said about her first single from her new album. 

The response so far from her fans has been great, some even say that she has made 2020 better, so make sure not to miss out on the Kylie Disco experience.


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3 years ago

Say Something is out of this world!!!

3 years ago

Loooooooooove it, disco disco whoo whoo!

3 years ago

Cool video with the lights

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