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Kim Kardashian Wants Kanye West Involved In Their Children’s Lives, Says She Won’t ‘Take Away That Experience’

In 2022, Kardashian revealed that she remains her ex's "biggest cheerleader" in front of their children.

Kim Kardashian prioritizes her children above all else.

During an episode of The Kardashians aired on Thursday, the 42-year-old SKIMS CEO disclosed that her divorce from ex-husband Kanye West, 46, had been finalized. Later in the show, Kardashian is seen going through her storage locker, which holds cherished mementos from her marriage.

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In a confessional, she shares, “This is like my time capsule of the best times, the reality is life is really different and when you know it can never get back there, that’s what sucks and that’s what’s hard.”

“But my kids will have the best memories and this will be the best tribute for them. I had the best dad in the entire world so I would never want to take that experience away from my kids,” she continues.

Kardashian is a devoted mother to her four children—sons Psalm, 4, and Saint, 7, and daughters Chicago, 5, and North, 10—whom she shares with Kanye West.

In a previous episode of The Kardashians, she expressed how the public drama with West affects their kids. “I still feel the need to not talk about it and protect it from my kids and I always will feel that way but God, if people knew,” she said. “I would just never do that to my kids.”

Truth, Chicago, Stormi And Dream - SurgeZirc UK
Truth, Chicago, Stormi And Dream (Via Kim Kardashian On Instagram)

Reflecting on the ups and downs of their relationships, Kardashian admitted to spending “hours and hours of my days as the cleanup crew.”

In another confessional, she added, “It’s the hardest feeling to watch someone you really loved, and you have a family with, be so different than what you knew.”

“I have to figure out a way to protect and so they still haven’t seen anything, but I go into crisis mode,” Kardashian confessed. “I am the one being accused of and being blamed for so many things. And it really, really is hurtful and it sucks, but I can control how I react and I can control if I’m a mess. Then my kids will see that.”

“I genuinely believe that one day, my kids will appreciate my silence, my understanding, and my grace, and I will try to keep it together at all times.”

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In 2022, Kim Kardashian revealed to Vogue that she remains her ex’s “biggest cheerleader” in front of their children. “You could be so hurt or angry at your ex, but I think in front of the kids, it always has to be ‘Your dad’s the best,'” she said, emphasizing the importance of co-parenting.

“Make sure you are your co-parent’s biggest cheerleader, no matter what you’re personally going through,” she added.

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