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Khloe Kardashian Showcases All Her Pink Outfits; ‘Living In A Barbie World’

Sporting a giant faux-fur pink jacket, she playfully rapped at the video's start, “We are called the fancy girls.

Khloé Kardashian is drawing fashion inspiration from Barbie!

Following the much-anticipated release of the Barbie film in cinemas, the star from The Kardashians, aged 39, took to Instagram to showcase a series of photos donning a vibrant pink ensemble.

The outfit featured pieces from Kardashian’s Good American fashion line, which included the brand’s compression shine corset bodysuit and compression shine good waist leggings.

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In a nod to the iconic Mattel doll, Kardashian captioned her Tuesday post with “Living in a Barbie world.” The following day, she shared another view of the outfit, accompanied by the caption, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

Her 311 million followers quickly noticed the Barbie inspiration and flooded the comments with messages like “You’re Barbie, Khloe💗” and “I love you, Barbie!!💞.” Earlier in July, Kardashian also flaunted a fun pink ensemble in an Instagram video during a sleepover with her 5-year-old daughter True and Rob Kardashian’s 6½-year-old daughter Dream.

Sporting a giant faux-fur pink jacket, she playfully rapped at the video’s start, “We are called the fancy girls. I have my hot pink coat. And no, it’s not real fur, before you try to talk to me about it. It’s not real fur, you wanna check the tag? Check the tag. I don’t wanna hear any of your nonsense.”

She then called over Dream and True, who also sported pink, with Dream wearing a Hello Kitty T-shirt and stylish shades. True joined in the fun by rapping, “I’m the fancy girl. We have three fancy girls, and we’re not the same. All of us have different names. There’s Dream and Mommy, True and Dream, it could be the best sleepover every time.”

Khloe Kardashian The Barbie Girl - SurgeZirc UK
Khloe Kardashian Wearing Pink. PHOTO – INSTAGRAM

Khloé Kardashian shares True with her ex, Tristan Thompson, and welcomed her son Tatum via surrogate last July.

In a 2020 interview on The View, she spoke about the close bond she shares with her daughter, expressing, “Now I feel like I’ve found my rhythm — this is my new normal — and I am really appreciating the reset button and all the time that I do get to spend with True.

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I try to find the positive in anything, and with all the negative, there’s also a lot of positive as well.” She added that True gave her a “different drive in life” and “made me softer.”

“It’s a different kind of love, and until you have a child, it’s really hard to experience,” she said. “I’ve loved my nieces and nephews like crazy, but there’s nothing like having your own.”

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