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Khan Slams Sunak’s Criticism Of London Housebuilding Record As ‘Desperate Nonsense’

Khan also pointed out various ways in which he believes the Tories are hindering construction in the capital.

The Labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has responded to Rishi Sunak’s attack on his housebuilding record by accusing the Prime Minister of engaging in “pathetic gesture politics.”

In a statement, Khan dismissed the Tories’ attempts to divert attention from their own government’s inaction on the mortgage crisis and Sunak’s failure to stand up to his own backbenchers on housebuilding.

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Khan asserted that Londoners won’t be deceived by such tactics. Khan further criticized the Conservative Party for consistently obstructing much-needed new housing projects in London, while highlighting Labour’s achievements in surpassing the government’s affordable housing targets.

He stated that Labour in London has delivered more council home building than the entire rest of England combined, and has constructed the highest number of homes of any kind since the 1930s.

In a briefing note, Khan provided statistics to support his claims, revealing that there were 25,658 “genuinely affordable” housing starts in London in 2022-23, a record-breaking figure.

Additionally, he highlighted that 23,092 council homes have been initiated in London since 2018, marking the highest level of council home building since the 1970s.

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Khan also pointed out various ways in which he believes the Tories are hindering construction in the capital.

These include ministers blocking housing developments that could have provided hundreds of homes, cuts, and delays in funding for affordable housing, restrictions on the construction of tall buildings in London, and the government’s failure to extend infrastructure in the city.


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