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Kevin Costner Divorce Update: Judge Shuts Down Actor’s Lawyers’ Request

Grants an extension for the actor's monthly child support payments of £99,000 ($129,755)

The judge overseeing Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner’s divorce case has granted an extension for the actor’s monthly child support payments of £99,000 ($129,755) on Wednesday.

Furthermore, the judge dismissed the request made by Costner’s lawyers to settle the matter of child support before the trial, which is scheduled for November 27, in order to determine the validity of challenging the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

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Costner’s legal team also requested a 10-day period to review the final forensic accountant files prior to the trial commencement for both the child support and prenuptial agreement disputes, considering the extensive 9,000-page forensic accounting documents available so far.

The judge stated that an “evidentiary hearing is unlikely in the foreseeable future” regarding the child support matter and affirmed the tentative ruling for the time being.

Kevin Costner And Wife - SurgeZirc UK
Kevin Costner And Christine

However, it’s important to note that the ruling will be retroactive, meaning that if any changes are made in the final ruling of the case, child support will need to be paid dating back to July 1.

Baumgartner, aged 49, who has three children with Costner—Cayden (16), Hayes (14), and Grace (13)—previously requested £180,000 ($248,000) per month for child support, a figure that Costner’s side criticized as “excessive.”

The former handbag designer expressed her intention to stay in Costner’s Santa Barbara residence until a child support agreement was in place to establish a “suitable separate household.” This decision contradicts the terms of the Costners’ prenuptial agreement, which stipulates that she should have moved out within 30 days of filing for divorce.

In a hearing held on July 5, Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderle ruled that Baumgartner must vacate their lavish estate, estimated to be worth around £110 million ($145 million), by July 31.

The legal teams representing Costner and Baumgartner are scheduled to reconvene in court on August 2 to address the couple’s prenuptial agreement.

Kevin Costner Goes On Vacation With His Kids Amid Ongoing Child Support Case - SurgeZirc UK
Kevin Costner Goes On Vacation With His Kids Amid Ongoing Child Support Case

According to legal documents obtained by SurgeZirc UK, Baumgartner may risk forfeiting her £1.2 million ($1.5 million) divorce settlement if she challenges the validity of the prenuptial agreement.

The agreement explicitly states, “If Christine, in any manner, challenges or assists in the challenge of the validity or enforceability of any provision of this Agreement, she shall lose any and all rights to receive any payment, Property or Interest from Kevin pursuant to this Agreement,” as quoted by the Oscar winner’s attorneys in documents filed on June 28.

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Marilyn Chinitz, a matrimonial attorney at Blank Rome in New York (not affiliated with either party), explained to SurgeZirc UK that such clauses in prenuptial agreements are common practice. She stated, “Attorneys refer to these provisions as ‘in terrorem’ because they aim to instill fear. They provide an incentive for someone not to challenge the agreement.”

Chinitz continued, “Essentially, it’s saying, ‘If you decide to contest the agreement as invalid and unenforceable, then I have the right to claw back anything you may have gained from it.'”

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