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Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson Challenge Each Other Over Testing And Trace System

Tensions arose surrounding the testing and trace system which proved to be a challenge for Boris Johnson as he expressed his disdain towards Keir Starmer’s persecution and judgement concerning the system.

Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson went head-to-head today during the PMQ’s as questions regarding the testing and trace system brought about rage and disarray among those in attendance, particularly Mr Johnson.

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As the PMQ’s return today, brings along an explosive debate between Labour Leader Keir Starmer and Prime Minister Boris Johnson as Mr Starmer provoked his counterpart to begrudgingly express his anger, as he felt attacked by Mr Starmer and his inquisitiveness.

As the oppositional leader amplified his argument regarding the testing and trace system by claiming that the government promised that the system would be operating by June 1, and have not done so he essentially questioned the Prime Ministers’ capabilities and doubted his performance.

Boris Johnson would not accept this as truth, and opted to defend his position, cabinet and methods vehemently, as the current situation which we are experiencing is a challenge which presents no easy way of handling.

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The Prime Minister feeling berated continued to defend himself and encouraged his counterpart to acknowledge all that has been done, by the political, medical and public parties involved “I think he should pay tribute for them and what they have achieved” said Boris Johnson.

Mr Starmer countered Boris Johnson’s statements by claiming that he is not denouncing or negating what has been done but is struggling with continuously praising a failing governance “he has made it difficult to support his government in the past few weeks” said Mr Starmer.



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