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Keeping Up With The COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

The biggest conspiracy theory to hit social media rose from twitter and was centred around Bill Gates.

The climb of the COVID-19 has given rise to conspiracy theories that can do more harm than good. To ensure that you stay in the clear, here are a few theories that will ensure you keep up with the conspiracy theories that are doing the rounds in social media.

The biggest conspiracy theory to hit social media rose from twitter and was centred around Bill Gates. He is usually everyone’s favourite billionaire and philanthropist, opinions have changed since he was rumoured to be planning a compulsory introduction of coronavirus vaccinations. This theory was apparently sparked by a Facebook post from French doctor Didier Raoult warning Africans not to take the vaccines as they were an attempt to kill Africans.

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Another conspiracy theory that has been doing the rounds on social media is the claim that the 5g network being introduced world word could be the cause of the worldwide pandemic. This theory has resulted in the destruction of several 5g towers in China and the UK.

There has also been widespread resistance against the 5g towers because of claims that they will cause cancer and skin rashes for example. Although there has been some concern around the testing and safety of the network within the science community. There is no medical evidence that links 5g with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Last but not least we have the conspiracy theory that claims that the COVID19 is a hoax. Hashtags such as #COVID19hoax will lead you to endless posts and videos of people dismissing the virus’ existence at all.

The claim is based on the fact that the corona is a mild cold and not as harmful as it is claimed to be. These ideas seem to be based on patients who tested positive to the virus but showed no symptoms.

There have been attempts to clarify this theory by the medical community though. That it is possible to be a carrier of the virus without getting sick. This does not dismiss the need for social distancing and the necessity of the lockdown though because carriers can spread the virus.

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The COVID-19 has brought a lot of fear into our homes and communities. Doubtless that these theories are founded by public fear. Therefore it is important to keep up with some of these theories so that we can educate ourselves on the facts. There are legitimate sites on social media platforms that can be accessed to get information on the virus. The best we can do is to use them and stay safe!

Written by: Sanelisiwe Nyaba

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