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Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Postpone Their Wedding Once Again

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have had to postpone their wedding once again, as the couple are now focusing on 'delivering a healthy child'.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have had to postpone their wedding once again, as the couple are now focusing on ‘delivering a healthy child’.

Next month brings a lot of excitement with it as Katy Perry is going to be a mother for the first time, bringing into this world a daughter of her own.

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Rumours had it that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were set to have originally planned to get married last winter, but then postponed their wedding plans to take place this summer in Japan, now it’s been postponed for the second time.

Katy told The Mirror: “You can’t plan anymore in 2020 because those plans are ­always cancelled.”

“We just want to ­deliver a healthy child. Everyone has to take life one week at a time right now.” – Katy added.

Katy also had a recent interview with Howard Stern, referring to their wedding plans Katy said: “Obviously, that will happen in the future, but for now we just want to deliver a healthy child. And that’s what’s coming up right now!”

Earlier this year Orlando had revealed that the coronavirus pandemic had affected the couple’s wedding plans.

Orlando told The Times UK: “I’m not joking when I say that coronavirus might have a play in whether we put things on ice, because we’re going to be travelling and we don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable.”

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are said to be planning two wedding parties, one being ‘local’ and the other being for a ‘destination wedding’.

Orlando already has a son Flynn, aged nine, that he shares with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

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While Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom prepare to have a child of their own, it has been a tough week as Orlando’s dog named Mighty passed away, he searched for him for seven days till they found his collar. –

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Mighty’s on the other side now. After 7 days of searching from sunrise to sunset and into the wee hours, today, the 7th day ~the number of completion~ we found his collar… I have wept more this week than I thought possible, which has been very cathartic and healing… I left no stone unturned, crawled thru all the man holes, under the roads, searched every back yard and creek bed. Had two separate sniffer dogs do their best as well. I feel so grateful to have learned from my little Mighty man that love is eternal and the true meaning of devotion. I feel sure he was looking down on me whistling in every back yard and knowing that I was doing all I possibly could to respect our bond. He was more than a companion. It was a soul connection for sure. I’m sorry. I love you. Thank you. RIP my MIGHTY HEART my little fellow A ♠️’s ❤️Thank you to the community for allowing me to search through their yards for him and supporting my midnight walks. It was reassuring to see the best of people even in the worst of times. To the angels of @dogdayssar I’m forever in your debt. You ladies are heaven sent. Lastly thank you to @scottcampbell for the ink. I love you brother❤️l

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On the brighter side of things, Katy has shared how proud she is over Orlando and his new role in the movie ‘Retaliation‘ as he has been receiving many good reviews. –

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Weekend plans anyone? Maybe the critics👇🏻 can help you 💁🏼‍♀️😬 So proud of my man @OrlandoBloom for taking on this layered, difficult role ♥️ VARIETY: ”Bloom demonstrates in a brutal impulse that rivals Robert De Niro’s “Are you talkin’ to me?” bit for sheer actorly intensity…Like “Taxi Driver,” “Retaliation” opens a window into that dark corner of the male psyche so few films confront." THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "Orlando Bloom gives a career-best performance in the lead role; couple this with his similarly stellar work in the recently released war film The Outpost" CHICAGO SUN TIMES: "Bloom has established himself as an intense, physical, screen-dominating presence, with a little bit of Brando" ROGER EBERT: “Bloom is effectively chilly.” USA TODAY: “Bloom’s a standout and the film deftly explores themes of sex abuse in the church.”

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3 years ago

I’m so excited to see their baby!!

3 years ago

Well done Orlando on the movie 😁

3 years ago

Also sorry about the lose of your cute pooch…but all the best on raising a daughter, I’m sure she’ll be gorgeous

3 years ago

Wonder where the destination wedding will be

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