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Kanye West’s Twitter/X Account Regains Access Once Again

X subsequently informed the city's building inspectors that the sign was temporary for an event.

X, formerly known as Twitter, reinstates Kanye West following swastika tweet ban, confirms The Wall Street Journal.

Elon Musk’s platform took this step after receiving assurances that West would refrain from posting antisemitic or harmful content.

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Furthermore, his posts will be ad-free and he will not be able to monetize his account. Kanye has had multiple clashes with Twitter/X.

In October, Elon Musk welcomed him back after a two-year absence from tweeting, but his return was short-lived as he was swiftly banned again for expressing intentions to harm Jewish people.

Subsequently, West attempted to acquire the “free speech” social media app Parler, but the deal fell through.

He faced consequences for his past remarks, leading major brands like Adidas and Gap to sever ties.

Shortly after acquiring Twitter last autumn, Musk, who identifies as a “free-speech absolutist,” pledged to reconsider permanent bans based on the platform’s rules, unless laws were violated.

Since then, he has restored the accounts of controversial figures, including Donald Trump (who has not tweeted since), as well as self-proclaimed neo-Nazis.

Earlier this year, Israel’s Foreign Ministry accused Musk of contributing to a surge in antisemitism on the platform, stating that Twitter is now rife with antisemitic conspiracies and hate speech targeting Jews worldwide.

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The news follows Musk’s decision to rebrand Twitter as X, accompanied by a flashing X sign placed on the roof of the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

X subsequently informed the city’s building inspectors that the sign was temporary for an event. Yesterday, Musk tweeted that X’s headquarters would remain in “beautiful” San Francisco, despite the city’s alleged decline.


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