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Italian Village Of Nerola Could Hold The key To Understanding COVID-19

"Just for your safety, we have to do this, it's our sacrifice".

With a population of around 1,900 people, the small village of Nerola located just outside of Rome in Italy is being used as a human experimental laboratory with scientists hoping it will help get a better understanding of COVID-19.

The tiny village was totally cut off from the rest of the world after 77 people were reported to have been infected with COVID-19.

The roads have been blocked by army personnel and no one is allowed to enter or leave the village after it was declared a ‘Red Zone’. The Italian government at one point went as far as removing signs pointing to Nerola until the local mayor Sabina Granieri.

What is amazing to the medical community is the rapid spread of the virus in such a small population. The village with a population of around 1,900 in Italy also presents itself as the perfect environment for scientists to better understand how the coronavirus is spread within a community.

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The village has been totally isolated from the rest of the country in a bid to create a controlled environment that will allow medical experts to further study the population.

Nerola has been put under total lockdown, not being allowed to leave their homes even for food or medication. The army is going door-to-door distributing all essential supplies.

In the hopes that their village may unlock the secrets to finally battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Sabina Granieri told BBC “Just for your safety, we have to do this, it’s our sacrifice”.

The virus is said to have started ina care home but doctors at first did not realise that it was COVID-19 until 2 patients died.

Wen asked why the Italian authorities had taken such drastic steps with the village  and chosen it to study, a health official said:

“The  number of patients who got infected was very high in comparison to the population”

One of the reasons that make the village ideal for this experiment is that it lies totally isolated on a hilltop just outside of  Rome and the small population means that the entire village can be tested and monitored in a controlled environment.

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“Our sacrifice will be used for the entire scientific community” the brave mayor went on to add.

Experimental treatments will also be tried on the villages with the scientific community closely monitoring them in the hopes that this tiny village in Italy may unlock the key and prove to be the turning point in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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