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IFS Urges The UK Government To Respond Promptly To Inequality

The most vulnerable groups in the UK have been seriously affected by the coronavirus and without government intervention the impact could be devastating.

The most vulnerable groups across the UK have been seriously affected by the coronavirus and without government intervention, the impact could be devastating.

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In the absence of government intervention to deal with inequality, the UK runs the risk of entrenching deep class, ethnic, gender, educational and geographical partitions, as warned by a centre of thought.

According to a report made by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the coronavirus pandemic has menaced to worsen the lives of the most vulnerable groups in the country. The IFS advised ministers to make use of the opportunity to formulate an inclusive recovery.

The deputy director at IFS, and author of the report, Robert Joyce said: “The crisis has laid bare existing inequalities and risks exacerbating them, but some of its legacies might also provide opportunities.

“If, for example, we can limit now the severity of career disruption, the widening of health and educational inequalities, or the extent to which small firms that had a productive future are squeezed out by larger established competitors, policy’s job in years to come will be much less difficult than if it is trying to limit or undo the damage.”

The Institute of Fiscal Studies also said that without better education and training, acts to make to enable the survival of small businesses and the provision of catch-up lessons for less privileged children, the crisis will heighten inequality.

Carolyn Fairbairn, the director-general of the CBI wrote a letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, which stated: “Redundancies will rise fast over the autumn as support schemes, especially the job retention scheme, wind down. Past recessions show the impact of joblessness is deeply uneven.”

“Without immediate intervention, pre-crisis inequalities across regions, gender and race will worsen. Long-term unemployment will leave generational scars,” Fairbairn added. “Time is of the essence. Smart, fast policy is needed now to accelerate the process to minimise the human cost and in particular, protect the futures of our young people.”

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