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HRVY Releases Debut Album ‘Can Anybody Hear Me?’

HRVY is releasing his debut album soon titled 'Can Anybody Hear Me?' and fans are extremely happy as it hit number 1 on pre-orders on iTunes.

HRVY is releasing his debut album soon titled ‘Can Anybody Hear Me?’ and fans are extremely happy as it hit number 1 on pre-orders on iTunes.

HRVY is a pop sensation star that has released several chart-topping singles, getting over 8 million monthly listeners on the streaming and media service called Spotify.

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He has finally released his debut album, ‘Can Anybody Hear Me?’, that ranges from pop to R&B, with collaborations from Matoma, R3hab, and NOTD.

HRVY announced on both Instagram and Twitter the exciting news of his debut album, building up the enthusiasm of his fans who have long been waiting for the release of this album.

The album features thirteen songs on the standard track listing and nineteen on the deluxe version.

HRVY posted a trendy poster with the caption: “CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME? my debut album. pre-order goes live on iTunes midnight Sunday, official store coming Monday……”

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve always dreamt of having my own album. it’s been a long time coming and I’m super proud of this one, thank you to everyone who’s stuck by me, this is the beginning of a new chapter. LETSSSS GOOOOOOOOO” – HRVY added.

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Going live on Sunday night ‘Can Anybody Hear Me?’ is #1 pre-ordered on iTunes. –

HRVY tweeted on July 20th saying: “I woke up this morning to see both versions are number 1 on pre-orders, insane.” –

So many fans rushed to pre-order the album that the website temporarily crashed, leaving many distressed and frantically tweeting HRVY to find out what was happening.

One person (@duffscntwll) tweeted saying: “HAS THE WEBSITE [CRASHED]” to which HRVY responded: “Yall need to chill, there’s a lot of people on the site [right now]” –

Another user (@HannahRuffle) tweeted with a screengrab of the website that read: “We’re really sorry, but an internal error occurred” with which she wrote: “Does this mean it’s sold out?”, HRVY responded saying: “No no no, the sites not handling this many people in the checkout bit, but it’s getting sorted now I promise.” –

So make sure to check out and pre-order ‘Can Anybody Hear Me’ as it seems to be on popular demand. HRVY’s dream has become a reality and so much more.



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3 years ago

So happy he finally got his dream come true!

3 years ago

Rising pop star 🙌☝️👏

3 years ago

Never knew about him, but glad I stumbled upon this.

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