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Gemma Collins Has ‘Booked A Boob Job’ As Her Body Gets Smaller

Gemma Collins has now said to have 'booked a boob job because her body is getting smaller' and she wants to get her body in the right shape as her boobs make her feel as though she is 'falling over on top'.

Gemma Collins has ‘booked a boob job because her body is getting smaller’, as she shows off her weight loss in a series of stunning summer outfits.

Gemma dumped her ex, James Argent, about two weeks ago and is now looking at working on her body and is said to be ready to find herself a ‘toyboy’.

She broke up with James after he sent her a series of offensive messages, which included him being mean about the way she looked and her weight.

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Gemma Collins has now said to have ‘booked a boob job because her body is getting smaller’ and she wants to get her body in the right shape as her boobs make her feel as though she is ‘falling over on top’.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Gemma revealed she has booked a breast reduction op next month after shedding three stone.

Gemma told The Sun: “I can’t wait to get rid of these boobs, they’re massive and look ridiculous. I have never looked better than I do now and I’ve never felt so good.”

“I know there are so many people out there who love big boobs and pay for surgeons to give them big boobs but I want them smaller.” – Gemma added.

Gemma went on to say: “My boobs are all-natural. I never have wanted surgery. But as my body is getting smaller, I feel like I am falling over on top and I just want them gone.”

Gemma says that she feels way more ‘confident in [her] forties’ than she ever felt when she was in her twenties. She looks up to Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez, as they ‘are all amazing women, they look amazing and they’ve all been through it like [Gemma has].’

“J-Lo is my inspiration, she is fabulous and looks amazing. Every time I see a video of her dancing I think, ‘That’s going to be me in a few months’. So move over J-Lo, the GC is in town.” – Gemma said.

Gemma has recently signed with Wizz Air, the budget airline to be the face of the brand. With this being one of many deals Gemma has lined up, she hopes that it will help her follow her idol, Madonna.

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Gemma said: “I want to be the Madonna of this generation. I love Madonna, the older she gets the younger her men get. That is amazing.”

“She’s a woman who has never shrunk herself to make men feel comfortable, she’s unapologetic and a hard worker. And she pays her own bills.” – Gemma added.

As well as continuing with her clothing line, Gemma is having a sale at the moment. Gemma shared a variety of summer clothes that she modelled and captioned it: “SUMMER SALE HONEYS 🙌🏻 something to cheer you all up !! I only have two sales a year so ENJOY.”

It’s clear to see that Gemma is enjoying her weight loss and is moving past her heartbreak with James as she works on herself and her brand.



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3 years ago

I understand why she would want the boob reduction, it does make ones too very heavy

3 years ago

Hope she truly is getting over that horrible man

3 years ago

Well done for her!

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