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Rihanna Talks Fenty Line, ‘Mocking’ Her Fans About Upcoming Album

Rihanna launched the first line from her namesake Fenty fashion house in May of last year -- following her Savage X Fenty lingerie collection in 2018 -- and it's fast become a worldwide sensation. 

Rihanna knows you’re in anticipation of a new album from her but she didn’t hesitate to speak about it in a way we could say she’s openly mocking you.

RiRi spoke with ET’s Rachel Smith in New York City on Friday night, miming three dots with her fingers, she teased ”To be continued” she said, “I like to antagonize my fans a little bit. Well, they antagonize me, too! So, they get it right back.”

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Don’t even think the 31-year-old multi-hyphenate doesn’t have anything upcoming year. Rihanna was in NYC to celebrate the launch of her new Fenty 2-20 collection at one of the city’s most iconic department stores, Bergdorf Goodman.

“This is a monumental store in fashion, especially in New York City,” she raved. “This is one the first places I ever came to in America. One of the first places that I could buy clothes when I got a check. And so to see my brand just sit here and be a part of this establishment is really wonderful… To see it in real life, it blows my mind. I mean, it really is special.”

Rihanna launched the first line from her namesake Fenty fashion house in May of last year — following her Savage X Fenty lingerie collection in 2018 — and it’s fast become a worldwide sensation.

“The journey’s been incredible. It’s a lot of hard work and just being true to your brand. I’ve always tried to stick with things that I enjoy doing and that I’m passionate about. Fashion, being creative, that’s one of those things — it doesn’t matter the outlet, I always enjoy it. Fashion comes naturally, because of the industry that I’m in. It’s a part of my visuals, it’s a part of my videos, so it’s always been something that I’ve been interested in. To have this opportunity to do a Fenty brand with LVMH is special. It makes me feel validated.”

Rihanna noted that it’s also empowering to receive support from fellow celebrities as she embarked on a new creative venture.

“It really shocks me, the people that reach out. I feel so, like, ‘Wow!’ Even Teyana Taylor! She’s like, ‘I want those Wasabi pants!’ And I’m like, ‘I got you, girl!'” she recalled. “And to see the celebrities that didn’t reach out to ask for stuff, but went to the store, or went online, and bought it — it makes me feel really, really great. Because I’m one of those celebrities that when I see something I like, I just go buy it. So to feel supported by my peers, it’s a big deal.”

Rihanna Talks Fenty Line, 'Antagonizing' Her Fans About Upcoming Album - SurgeZirc UK
American singer Rihanna

Which celebrity would Rihanna love to style?

“Lena Waithe,” Rihanna answered, with almost no hesitation. “I love her. I love her attitude, she’s so intelligent, she’s so talented, but her style is something that I really respect, because it boarders on the line of non-binary, and I enjoy that. That’s what Fenty really stands for, we have a lot of unisex styles. I shop mostly in the men’s section, so when making my clothes that was always in mind, like, I want guys to love my stuff too.”

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Rihanna spoke about her tribute to late basketball legend Kobe Bryant on Instagram:

“Every time I see a helicopter, it’s just like, As an entertainer, we travel so much, like, in your mind, it could have been any of us. My heart breaks, my heart goes out to Vanessa Bryant and the entire Bryant family and all of the families that lost people that day. It’s a tragedy and I think it’s something that the world will never really get over,” she said emotionally.

“To see him play, there’s just something that comes over him, that you just can’t even– it’s not even tangible,” she remembered. “You can’t even understand it. It was beautiful to see his career. It was beautiful to see him play — and I actually got to witness him playing — but it makes it even more tragic to lose him.”

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