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David Singleton Exploits NHS PPE For Personal Gain

Two weeks ago a 42 year old senior National Health Service official launched a business to trade in visors, masks and gowns.

Two weeks ago a 42-year-old senior National Health Service official launched a business to trade in visors, masks and gowns.

The senior official David Singleton has been working at the capital`s Covid-19 Nightingale hospital. The procurement official took advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to privately sale huge quantities of personal protective equipment. When he was confronted with the findings of the investigation Singleton said that he disclosed his business to superiors in National Health Service and was told there was “unlikely to be conflict”.

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His company website Sure Stock which marketed personal protective equipment to the private sector and National Health Service clients made no reference to Singleton`s role in the health service. Soon after creating his company on the 15th of April, shortage of protective equipment for National Health Service and other health and care workers began.

Meanwhile, his company Sure Stock Limited, launched a website that same week, marketing products for “medical, dental, adult social care, the food industry and personal use”. A photograph on Singleton`s company website advertising face shields showed a visor with NHS logo printed on the front, and the company offered deals for NHS clients.

It is clear that David Singleton is using his position as a National Health Service procurement official to exploit National Health Service`s  personal protective equipment and this potential conflict of interest should be seriously considered



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