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“COVID-19 Could Be Airborne” Danish Prof. Shares Amazing Suspicion

"We saw it with SARS years back. We still think it is mainly through contact and to be within a two metres distance of somebody that is infected."

Quite a number of persons have raised concern over the rapidly growing rate of infected people, thereby asserting that the COVID-19 might be airborne. Sky News’ Adam Boulton during an interview with a clinical biologist considered how the deadly coronavirus has spread across the globe and ravaged countries.

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Prof. Kolmos stated the COVID-19 can spread more than two metres indoors in some cases and compared it to SARS.

The presenter asked, “How is this disease most likely to be passed on?”

Prof Kolmos said “We think that it is passed on by contact but I have a nasty suspicion there could be an airborne element in this disease.

“We saw it with SARS years back. We still think it is mainly through contact and to be within a two metres distance of somebody that is infected.”

The presenter asked again, “When you talk about that nasty suspicion that it may be airborne what do you mean, that you could just catch the virus from it being in the air?”

“Well it is not a truly airborne virus but there are indications that you may pass on the virus over longer distances than two metres if you are indoors. This is my concern right now,” said the clinical biologist.

Although there hasn’t been fact to back up the claim as yet, there could truly be some element of truth in what Prof. Kolmos said. So far, Britain has recorded the 6th highest number of COVID-19 cases globally.

As of 9 am April 13, 88,621 people have tested positive for COVD-19, while 11,329 people have lost their lives to the coronavirus pandemic as of 5 pm on April 12, the Department of Health and Social Care confirmed in its daily update while stating that 344 people have recovered from the virus in the UK.

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The world has recorded an alarming number of more than 1,800,000 COVID-19 confirmed cases while the death toll sits at more than 115,000.

Several reports show that worldwide there has been a recovery rate of more than 430,000 people.

Currently, the United States has the worst case of  COVID-19 infected people in the world with more than 560,000 people confirmed infected as of the time of writing.

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