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COVID-19: 504,303 People Volunteer To Help NHS

The government expected 250,000 volunteers - who are over 18 and in good health.

In Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s daily address to the nation on Wednesday, he thanked the 504,303 people who have volunteered to help the NHS.

These helpers are needed to deliver medicine and food to the vulnerable, phoning those in isolation to check up on them and driving patients to appointments.

NHS England medical director Stephen Powis, said he is very happy and thanked those medics who returned and the people who volunteered to help.

The government expected 250,000 volunteers – who are over 18 and in good health.

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Hospitals in the UK are seeing an increase of ill patients infected with the COVID-19 virus and the Isle of Man shut borders to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The chief executive of the NHS Providers Chris Hopson said:

“They are struggling with two things. The first is the explosion of demand they are seeing in seriously ill patients. They talk about wave after wave after wave – the word that’s often used to me is a continuous tsunami.

“We are now seeing 30%, 40% and indeed in some places 50% sickness rates as staff catch the virus or are in vulnerable groups or have to self-isolate. That’s unprecedented absence rate.

“So what we have got is a really wicked combination – trusts trying to deal with a lot more demand than they have ever had before with a lot fewer staff than they have had before.”

In other news Prince Charles, the 71-year-old heir to the throne, tested positive for COVID-19.

The shadow chancellor John McDonnell urges the government as well as the media to name those companies forcing their employees to go into work.

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