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Cardi B Bashed For Sexualizing ‘Kids Things’ As She Twerks Next To Statue Of Rugrats’ Grandpa

This latest incident comes just days after Cardi twerked naked in a bathtub during her visit to Paris.

It is exceptionally rare for Cardi B to escape trolling, and once again, the rapper found herself on the receiving end of internet criticism after a video of her twerking next to a statue of Nickelodeon’s Rugrats character, Grandpa Lou Pickles, went viral.

The WAP hitmaker faced backlash for allegedly sexualizing children’s content. This latest incident comes just days after Cardi twerked naked in a bathtub during her visit to Paris.

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On the personal front, Cardi B recently made headlines when her rapper husband Offset accused her of infidelity with another man. She also stirred up controversy by comparing American paparazzi to French photographers, praising the latter as superior.

Speaking of the recent incident, a video of Cardi B twerking next to a statue gained widespread attention, coincidentally on her daughter’s birthday. Cardi B and Offset celebrated their daughter Kulture’s fifth birthday at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey.

While there, Cardi decided to have some fun and shared a social media story of herself twerking beside the statue of Rugrats character Grandpa Lou Pickles.

In the footage, the 30-year-old rapper appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself, continuously slapping her behind while performing the dance. Neither her daughter nor her husband were seen in the video.

Social media users swiftly reacted to the viral clip, with one individual expressing, “It sickens me how they continuously sexualize children’s content every single day. I suppose it’s their agenda.” Another person shared, “They always sexualize kids, and it’s not pretty.”

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A user wrote, “This why lil girls picking sh*t up. Watching these new artist turning our community of kids into party poopers & a** shakers.” The following tweet questioned, “What was the point of twerking at a place meant for children?”

Another comment conveyed the impact on young viewers, stating, “Imagine seeing this as a kid.” One person remarked, “Cardi B Is Literally The Type Of Women You Will Raise Her Daughter To Stay Away From”, and another concluded, “Nasty, but that’s the image she promotes.”

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