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Angelina Jolie Fires Back At Brad Pitt For Accusing Her Of Illegally Enriching Herself And ‘Intentionally Damaging’ Him

"Pitt is an actor, not a winemaker. He deals in illusions, not dirt and grapes." - Angelina Jolie

In 2016, Brad Pitt initiated a divorce filing, marking the end of the once-celebrated Hollywood power couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Now, they find themselves entangled in a bitter dispute over the ownership of a French winery. Chateau Miraval, the estate purchased by Jolie and Pitt while they were still married, has become a focal point of contention.

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In 2021, Jolie sold her shares, which led to Pitt accusing her of wrongful actions and pursuing legal action against her.

In previous court documents, Pitt accused Jolie of “enriching herself” and deliberately causing harm by selling her stake to a Russian businessman. In response, the Maleficent actress fired back, seemingly mocking Pitt by taking a jab at his newfound identity as a farmer, stating, “I am a farmer now.”

According to a report from Page Six, Angelina Jolie filed a cross-complaint against Brad Pitt, challenging the notion that he had built the business.

The statement noted, “Pitt is an actor, not a winemaker. He deals in illusions, not dirt and grapes.” It further taunted Pitt for juggling his film career and wine business, mentioning his extensive involvement in movies, promotional appearances, global travel for premieres, and attendance at Hollywood parties during the supposed years of building the business.

Angelina Jolie’s statement also highlighted how Brad Pitt made occasional visits to the vineyards, admiring the work of the French laborers who contributed to the business’s success. However, the statement emphasized that Pitt was not a true winemaker, stating, “Pitt is no vigneron.”

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The report further revealed that Angelina Jolie’s counter-complaint alleged Brad Pitt had “looted” the business, using millions of dollars in profits for superficial expenditures, such as renovating a recording studio.

Brad and Angelina’s love story began on the set of their film Mr & Mrs Smith. After years together and raising six children, the couple decided to separate in 2016.

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