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‘An American Pickle’ Trailer Released On HBO Max (Video)

'An American Pickle' on HBO Max has released its first trailer for the upcoming comedy that stars Seth Rogen and is set to premiere on the platform on August 6th.

‘An American Pickle’ on HBO Max has released its first trailer for the upcoming comedy that stars Seth Rogen and is set to premiere on the platform on August 6th.

It’s almost time and the excitement can be felt after the release of the trailer, it has set a buzz in the air as one can hardly ever be disappointed with a Seth Rogen film.

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For those who still do not know the storyline of ‘An American Pickle’ is about an immigrant worker named Herschel Greenbaum with dreams of building a better life for his family. One day while working at his factory job he ends up falling into a vat of pickles in 1920 which somehow preserves him in the brine for 100 years, he wakes up in 2020 not having aged a single day, but the world around him is completely different.

Herschel Greenbaum finds out that he has one surviving relative who is his great-grandson Ben Greenbaum, who is a mild-mannered computer coder, and they try to get along but seem to just not understand one another. The funny thing about this is that both roles are acted out by Seth Rogen.

Watch the official trailer released by HBO Max here –

‘An American Pickle’ trailer has gotten a lot of positive feedback as fans are set and ready to be entertained by this classic tale that should not be missed out on.

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Kalen Allen, a popular YouTuber known for his appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, plays Kevin in ‘An American Pickle’ commented on Twitter saying –


Others commented saying –



Most comments included people praising Seth Rogen, saying how amazing the trailer is and how excited they are to see the film. Rogen responded to many of the comments thanking his friends and fans for the support as he is also excited for the official premiere of the film later this year.



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3 years ago

Heck yessssss! I love it and can’t wait for the movie!

3 years ago

Seth Rogen is the best, this is so amazing

3 years ago

Anything with Seth Rogan is a must watch.

3 years ago

Has to be one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen, subscribing to HBO Max just for this!

3 years ago

I saw somewhere that this is somewhat based on a true story? I might be horribly wrong 🤣

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