“Its Your Fault,” Germany Mocks Post-Brexit Britain Chaos

The publication also addresses the concept of schadenfreude, which derives from the humanistic disposition of showing real empathy and understanding about the suffering of others.

"Its Your Fault," Germany Mocks Post-Brexit Britain Chaos

Germany feels no sympathy for post-Brexit Britain as the UK teeters from shortage of haulage drivers to an imminent energy crisis.

An online magazine based in Germany, evaluating the recent supply chaos, said “The British wanted Brexit – and are now angry about the supply chaos. Should we be allowed to feel a certain amount of gratification as a result? Absolutely.

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The publication, titled ‘Schadenfreude is okay’ was written by Antje Lang-Lendorff for Taz. Reacting to the HGV driver shortage which led to a protracted fuel crisis and empty supermarket shelves, the weekend editor at Taz says:

“The statement by the British government that these are just starting difficulties on the way to a great independent future does not sound very convincing in view of the problems.”

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