Labour Failed To Speak Out On “Too Many Issues”, Womack Says

Amelia Womack of the Green Party has damned Labour for failing to present climate and ecological issues in Parliament. 

The history-making duo vying to lead the Greens
Tamsin Omond (L) and Amelia Womack (R)/Picture credit:

Amelia Womack of the Green Party has damned Labour for failing to present climate and ecological issues in Parliament.

“We’ve got a Labour Party failing to speak out on too many issues,” Womack says. “The Greens have to be that bold voice standing up for those nurses on the frontline of the pandemic and putting policies like a Universal Basic Income in place to ensure we are addressing the biggest issues of our time.”

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Extinction Rebellion members have been in the streets calling on quick action to remedy the climate crisis. Amelia Womack and Tamsin Omond, both 36, are ready to seize their chances to become the next co-leaders of the Green Party.

Despite both having irreproachable environmentalist credentials, Womack and Omand have different personal histories.

For more than two decades, Womack has been a member of the Green Party and carried out the duties of a deputy leader for seven.

Omond co-founded the Extinction Rebellion, with an activism rap sheet and took part in major activities of the group.

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“Amelia has been building the roots of the Green Party for years,” says Omond,  “Whereas I’ve been raising public awareness around the climate emergency through organising movements and creating media narratives; I want to bring some of the broader movement-based organising into the leadership of the Green Party.”

In another statement, Womack said: “The strength of the Green Party is that our policies don’t change with our leaders. We are clear and consistent election after election. Some people would call our policies radical but at this point in time, quite frankly, they’re just rational.”

Omond backed Womack`s statement and talked about how the number of people joining the campaign was increasing. Adding: “They see in us something that hasn’t been represented to them in British politics before.”

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